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Vicky Pryce from Lying Criminal to Whitehall Adviser

Vicky Pryce from Lying Criminal to Whitehall Adviser

VICKY PRYCE FROM LYING CRIMINAL TO WHITEHALL ADVISER – Jailed for 8 months and released after only 8 weeks for perverting the course of justice, Vicky Pryce the ex-wife of ex-Minister Chris Huhne is once again employed in the services of Government.

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The taxpaying public will once again be seething at yet more indignation from the Government for now it not only appears that criminals are being let off left, right and center but for the few, those being the ones well and truly connected to the ‘old boy’s network’, are not only forgiven but taken back into the fold; yes there’s nothing quite like being among your own kind.

It has to be said that this current position is allegedly unpaid but no doubt the taxpayer will be covering her expenses and that alone could easily accumulate to a five figure salary given the track record of those in Government.

The taxpayer often accuses Government of being little more than a den of liars, thieves and war mongers and at least with the appointment of Vicky Pryce one of these, that being the liars, can certainly be crossed off the list as factual.

Quite frankly it shouldn’t matter that Ms. Pryce is a ‘respected’ economist for there must be many highly qualified economists currently seeking work that are not only just as capable but also devoid of any criminal record.

Yes I know we should take the view that Ms. Pryce has paid her debt to society but that so-called debt was a paltry 8 weeks out of 8 months in what can only be described as a luxury resort.

Government members continue to moan about the public because they feel somehow offended by the lack of trust and indeed respect they receive… seriously is it any wonder why the average taxpayer wouldn’t give any MP or Minister the time of day when they openly insult the taxpayer with such offensive appointments?

The Minister in question is none other than the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable and after royally cocking up the privatisation of the Royal Mail, which lost the taxpayer about £2 billion, it’s not surprising he needs a lesson in basic economic and it wouldn’t go a miss if someone offered him schooling in basic common sense either.

Of all the people Mr. Cable could have chosen for the job he basically handed it over to a long-time friend regardless of such a move being highly offensive to the taxpayer which only goes to show just how much consideration and respect Mr. Cable is prepared to offer what he obviously considers the minions.

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