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Victoria Ayling: Racist or Realist?

Victoria Ayling: Racist or Realist?

VICTORIAL AYLING: RACIST OR REALIST? – Yesterday we published an article concerning UKIP Councillor Victoria Ayling regarding her comments on illegal immigrants, in which Victoria Ayling declared on video that if she had her way she would ‘send the lot back’.


UKIP Councillor Victoria Ayling in Racism Storm

Today yet more news broke as MPs and other senior figures in Government have called for Victoria Ayling’s resignation.

The tune her opponents are whistling is the same tune they always whistle; that being racism and bigotry.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage yesterday made a statement to defend Victoria Ayling and stated clearly that UKIP will be standing by her and her resignation will not be sought.

Victoria Ayling has faced a fair amount of criticism from those who feel that her comments were politically incorrect and indeed racist.

So is Victoria Ayling a racist or a realist?

Victorial Ayling and Nigel Farage

The reality is that Britain desperately needs working migrants.  Some may disagree but economics clearly shows that we have an aging population and in order to support that population we must have a young and growing workforce who pay taxes; there is simply no way Britain can continue looking after its elderly without income from working taxpayers.

With this facts in mind we now ask the question again… is Victoria Ayling a racist or a realist?

There are of course many who have found Victoria Ayling’s remarks politically incorrect, racist and highly offensive but those critics appear to be missing the issue here.

Victoria Ayling doesn’t have the ideology that every immigrant should be deported; she was of course referring to those who are in the UK illegally and those who commit crime.

The issue here could be turned around by stating that her critics are simply those who are indoctrinated into the ideology of political correctness which is a system designed to keep critics of immigration quiet; primarily so that those who supported mass migration without controls don’t face any criticism for the damage they have done to this country.

Britain is on the brink of becoming a pure fascism state for the more that we demand the silence of others the more we remove any form of democracy.

Everyone, despite their views, should be allowed to openly voice them; that is the very pillar of a democracy and no one, especially those in Government, should be allowed to call for the resignation of another politician due to their views for they have a right to express them.

Yes open criticism and debate is required but to attempt to silence someone by removing them from a position that gives them a forum is wrong under a democratic system.

The ideology of political correctness has been growing steadily over the last 50 years and under the disguise of social harmony.  Unfortunately it is getting to the point where those indoctrinate with political correctness feel only they have the right to speak and be heard and anything that doesn’t fit in with their indoctrinated views must be dismissed, labeled as racist and of course silenced.

The public are fully aware of the issues Britain has with some migrants and no matter how Britain manages the flow of immigrants there will always be those who simply wish to come to Britain in order to engage in crime or take advantage of the benefits system.

On the other side of the equation there are thousands that work hard and pay their taxes and are therefore an immense benefit to society and we must embrace that fact and be thankful of it.

Victoria Ayling’s comments have really been taken out of context and there are certainly those who want her out of the way so the real problems can be covered up and hidden so that the politically correct sect do not have to have their failings exposed or worst criticised.

The truth is that Britain does have a problem with many immigrants who commit crime or simply want to fleece the taxpayer and under current laws, those born from the ideology of political correctness, are now preventing their removal.

There is frankly nothing racist about Victoria Ayling’s view; in our view.  Victoria Ayling is simply stating the obvious and if the public does want a stronger economy with a law abiding society then it is high time that those who don’t belong in Britain are sent packing.

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