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Video: The Known Universe

Video: The Known Universe

VIDEO: THE KNOWN UNIVERSE – Take a journey from the Himalayas to Big Bang’s afterglow in this truly amazing and stunning rendition of our known universe.

If you’ve ever felt that mankind and indeed earth is small and insignificant in relation to the known universe then this will capsulate that belief for as the video moves away from earth, travelling thousands of light-years away from our planet, you start to get a true picture of just how vast our known universe is and just how small planet earth is in relation to our universe.

The video simply gives a picture of how far scientists have been able to see into space and there is undoubtedly far more than most of us can ever truly comprehend.

In an earlier article it was reported that someone spotted what is perceived as being an alien spacecraft on the surface of the moon. The images were captured using Google Moon and once again bring into question as to whether we are truly alone.


Did Google Moon Just Show Aliens on the Moon?

As I watched the video I certainly realised, along with millions of other people on our little planet that floats in space that it is impossible to consider that we are simply the only life, intelligent or otherwise, that could possibly exist.

The video, just over 6 minutes long, really does take you on an incredible journey ending with coming right back home.

Take the journey… you won’t be disappointed.

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