Vote?  You Are Having a Laugh

Vote?  You Are Having a Laugh

An article appears in the Daily Mail and the topic is yet more controversy in the Houses of Parliament and how certain ex-MPs are being provided privileged Commons passes that allows them access to heavily subsidized restaurants, bars and other facilities.

One of them is the notorious liar Chris Huhne … you remember him, he’s the one that lied under oath regarding the transferring of speeding points to his then wife Vicky Pryce. Yes that’s right the same one who was sentenced to 8 months in prison but got out in just 8 weeks.

There are many who walk out of prison into halfway houses and of which many find it difficult to find work due to their criminal convictions.

However such is not the case for Chris Huhne or indeed any other lying or thieving politicians for he, as just one example, walked out of prison and was handed a job at an energy company at £100,000 a year – he said it wasn’t due to his connections in government and we are expected to take his word for it.

Chris Huhne is not the only convicted criminal to be granted such privileges at the taxpayers’ expense; take a look at the Mail’s article and you’ll quickly discover that there are criminals being provided access to the Commons from every political persuasion … Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative.

Would anyone like to ask me the question why I don’t vote?  If you don’t understand by now why so many people are abstaining then you clearly don’t have a problem with all the thieves, liars and murderers that you vote in.

It’s really a matter of principle.  Some argue that by abstaining from the vote damages democracy but what could be more undemocratic than voting in people which contain a criminal element, who will lie consistently and ultimately refuse you your democratic rights once in power.

You know what and who I refer to … that would be David Cameron who despite majority public opinion that an EU referendum should be held he denied the public their democratic right to vote.

Vote?  You are having a laugh … vote for who?  The next thief, liar or someone willing to murder millions of people?

No, I won’t be voting in the next general election as my conscience simply will not allow me to engage in a process that means nothing other than installing yet another low-life into power and then have that person ignore the wishes of the majority.

You are free to express your opinion below.

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