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Want a Peaceful World? Ban Religion

Want a Peaceful World?  Ban Religion

WANT A PEACEFUL WORLD? BAN RELIGION – Day after day I scour the news, day after day I am face with the atrocities of mankind and day after day the impact of sectarian violence, terrorism, poverty and even the enslavement of people is wrapped around the cloth of religion.

It really doesn’t matter which religion you care to choose for each and every one of them is solely designed to oppress the masses; generally by subjecting people to abject poverty and ignorance.

Sam Harris - The End of Faith

Take the recent situation of the natural disaster in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the country leaving hundreds dead and many more injured.  On top of that, the typhoon destroyed property and left many thousands of people displaced and starving.

Shortly after the disaster occurred a number of U.S Government officials stood up and declared that this was an act of God and that humanitarian aid must be supplied immediately.

I’ll go with the humanitarian aid but didn’t those people purporting such an event just contradict the teachings of the Bible?

According to scripture we are God’s children and therefore how could any parent possibly place their children in such peril; surely only a psychopath would consider such a thing?

It is incredulous to consider in this modern day and age how anyone could conceive that a higher being is watching over us.

Considering what we know about the Universe and it’s construction it might have been far more plausible if someone had stood up and declared the Haiyan typhoon had been a manipulated act by alien beings.

Of course if someone suggested such a notion, even despite the fact that there are planets out there capable of sustaining intelligent life, they would have been viewed as nothing more than a basket case.

Yes, we appear so readily able to accept the notion of God, despite no physical proof and no logical explanations, but mentioning the chance of another life force is well… alien and ridiculous.

I think it is clear now that a fair proportion of mankind has lost the plot and indeed no longer has the ability to reason objectively; that is so indoctrinated are they into the ideology of their faith that they are even willing to die for it.

200 years ago you could have been burned alive at the stake for being accused of witchcraft.  Sound a little crazy? Yes we can almost sit back and laugh at such a ridiculous notion and yet 200 years ago being burned at the stake for witchcraft was in fact no laughing matter and the Church murdered people by millions in order to force them to kneel and accept God as their Saviour.

Fast forward to 2014 and we have a similar situation with Islam in which Islamic extremists are more than willing to murder anyone who refuses to accept the Prophet Mohammed and Allah.

Let’s take a step back to the Philippines and see what the reaction of the Catholic Church was after the disaster.  Did they dip into the Vatican Bank and bail out the poor to provide new homes and schools so that these people, who are predominately catholic, could re-build and progress?

No, they continued with their indoctrination that the event was God’s will as a punishment for their sins and that despite the uncontrollable birth rate every sperm remains sacred and therefore contraception is a sin.

Yes, these people live in abject poverty and are largely uneducated because that’s the way the Catholic Church wants them; such a society is easy to control.

Almost, and I say almost, all religions contain elements where it asks their followers to engage in some form of violence against those who do not believe in their faith; the Islamic faith often comes to mind but the Bible is no different.

Religion is not, on the whole, about peace and love, but rather untold violence and the thread of damnation if such violence is not carried out against those who refuse to conform; if ever there was pure, unadulterated evil in the world then surely it takes the form of religion.

The video above provides a lengthy narration by Sam Harris, the author of The End of Faith: Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason” advocates for conversational intolerance in the N.Y. Society for Ethical Culture, Nov. 2005.

If you have ever questioned religion and its validity, in any form, this will dispel any notions of such.  Whilst the video lasts for nearly one and a half hours I guarantee you that throughout you will be gripped and finally understand why atheists are far more practical, certainly significantly more tolerant and finally why, for the sake of mankind, we feel religion should be banned.

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