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Wearing a Scarf: A Diverse Fashion Statement

Wearing a Scarf: A Diverse Fashion Statement

WEARING A SCARF: A DIVERSE FASHION STATEMENT – Looking for an accessory that can pull double-duty and be worn by men or women of all ages; why not try a scarf?

Unlike passing fads, a scarf can add a dramatic flair or a subtle touch and is appropriate when worn with jeans and a tee, to the office or for a night on the town.  With all the different ways there are of tying and wrapping a scarf you won’t need more than a few to create the perfect look.

When shopping for a scarf,  it is important to know that they come in all sizes and weights, so trying it on before making a purchase is recommended.

In most stores the scarves sold on a display stand tend to be in a standard size and of medium weight unless otherwise stated and choosing one off the rack is as easy as picking out a favorite color or a pleasing pattern.

For more versatility, choose a scarf that has contrasting colors or patterns on each side, or maybe one with an irregular cut or fringes.

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The beauty of wearing a scarf is that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to it’s construction.  Made from silk, nylon, a poly/cotton blend or knitted doesn’t make a difference; nor does the shirt it is paired with.  It comes to personal taste and a bit of color coordination.

An additional plus of a scarf is that tying one doesn’t take great dexterity and they look great even when they are casually laid across the back of the neck and down the front of the top being worn.  There is no requirement for it to be knotted, twirled or looped which makes it perfect for everyone.

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Not confined to being worn as neck-ware, the generous size of most scarves allow it to be untied and draped across the shoulders like a shawl when evening comes.  If it is windy, simply pull it up and onto your head.  Another great look is created when the ends are trapped in a waist belt or under a jacket.

Simply stated, there is no limit when it comes to how one uses a scarf as a fashion accessory; so be creative and make a look all your own.

Scarves have become such a fashion statement that they are sold in nearly every type of store and there is no limit to the sites found online that carry them.  Worn universally by men, women, and children this accessory can be worn year round and through all seasons.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the video for this gives you 25 ways on wearing a scarf and shows just how diverse your fashion statement can be.

It is clear that scarves will not be going out of style anytime soon so what are you waiting for?  If you haven’t added this accessory to your daily wear, tie on one!

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