Webmaster Ripped Off by Themeforest

by | April 26, 2014 4:57 am

WEBMASTER RIPPED OFF BY THEMEFOREST –Normally, I’m the kind of person who researches things before I buy them, this time I didn’t. I wish I had.

Recently, I bought what was described as a WordPress theme from a company called Envato, doing business as ‘Themeforest’, they also have several other subsidiaries such as codecanyon which when researching the internet forums has also been accused of taking free WordPress plugins, adapting them slightly and passing them off for sale as their own work.

On the Themeforest website I looked in the WordPress area and found a theme called, ‘Avada’. It looked good and was a popular download, so I bought it. I paid through PayPal, and downloaded the theme.

When I tried to install the theme and build the site, I had difficulty. No problem, I thought, I’ll just see what info I can find in the forums. I tried to signing up to the forum on Themeforest in relation to the theme that I had purchased, but the codes Envato sent me didn’t work. Okay, I’ll contact customer support. So, I sent an email. No response.

Two days later, after yet another email, I get an email from a woman named Patrisha saying that they were really backed up and how they apologized for the delay.

It all sounded so sweet. Then I was told that it wasn’t a WordPress theme and it is my responsibility to be careful about my choices, but they would credit my account and I could get something else. How very kind of them.

In reference to the forum sign up I also got another email from a different person saying that I had to remove all the spaces, from the codes they sent me, to gain access to the forums. They could have just told me this when they sent me my information.

I told Patrisha, the sickly sweet girl, I’m a bit busy these days and I would not have time to look at this again for another week. No worries, she says. By now, I’m into this project for about ten days, and another seven days to go.

During the week that I was unable to build the site, I spent some time thinking. Typically, relationships that start poorly don’t get better. I thought, get a refund and find another theme.

So, I disputed the payment through PayPal as the product was substantially different from what they had described; it wasn’t a WordPress theme, yet they sold it as one.

To make a long story short, I went the through the process with PayPal, which Patrisha said they never dispute, and elevated the claim when the dispute was about to expire. They were either so busy with customer service disputes to respond to PayPal or they were being passive-aggressive. I’m going with the later.

About four days after escalating the dispute with PayPal, PayPal decides to side with Envato. For what reason? The product is intangible.

I don’t know about you but I get really angry when someone cheats me. I get even angrier when they smile and act really nice while they cheat me. Propelled by anger I researched Envato, and found out I am far from alone. Take a look… Anyone involved with Envato has been barred from Wordcamp, which is a place where the WordPress community gets together and brainstorms.

There’s a Facebook page devoted to informing the world about Envato and Themeforest. Who gets a Facebook page devoted to telling the world about you? Scammers! https://www.facebook.com/envatoripoffs?ref=stream

According to some developers posting around the forums Envato is stealing copy written material, and selling as their own.; which is probably why there is a patent lawsuit underway now.

In researching this company, I have learned if you take any premium theme that’s more than a month old, write its name in Google and append the word “nulled” to it, you’ll find it for free on some shady dubious download website.

Considering my experience Themeforest and their whole Envato operation should be avoided at all costs.

Meebal.com says…

Anyone who is familiar with meebal.com and who has a reasonable amount of web development knowledge, will know that it is supported by WordPress and that we use a WordPress theme that displays all the content.

The current theme, along with the previous one, was purchased from Themeforest and we’ve never had a problem.

We did once make a purchase thinking we were buying a theme but instead it was a HTML template; it’s no doubt an easy mistake to make.  We did approach Themeforest and they did re-credit our account.

From what we are able to determine it appears easier if you purchase ‘credits’ instead of just buying the theme via PayPal.  There is a downside to this for most times you’ll end up with remaining credit and unless this is used within a specific period of time then you’ll lose those credits.

Personally we feel this is an unethical business practice and one that no doubt makes Envato a considerable amount of ‘free’ money each year.

We found one forum that really did condemn Envato / Themeforest; even referring to them as a ‘criminal operation’ and advising potential customers to avoid making any purchase from them … read the forum post.

It has to be stated that this has NOTHING to do with WordPress itself as WordPress is simply an open development of a Content Management System (CMS) and is in our opinion one of the best CMS’s available and it’s completely free.

For people looking to start a website many turn to WordPress due to the easy; however it is their responsibility to find a ‘theme’ that works in conjunction with the WordPress CMS and there are literally thousands of websites peddling all manner of ‘themes’.

In order to find one that works and from a reputable developer then we suggest the buyer undertakes a serious amount of research to ensure that what you are buying really does live up to what is being sold.

Source URL: http://meebal.com/webmaster-ripped-off-by-themeforest/