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Welfare Reform is Working Declares Iain Duncan Smith

Welfare Reform is Working Declares Iain Duncan Smith

WELFARE REFORM IS WORKING DECLARES IAIN DUNCAN SMITH – According to Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith welfare reforms are not only right and justifiable but reducing benefits is getting more people back to work.

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Capping benefits at £26,000 a year in order to encourage people back into work was in fact the right thing and the figures released by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is testament to that fact.

According to the latest figures there is now a record 30.15 million people in work and it’s the biggest ever quarterly jump.

Another issue that Mr. Duncan Smith touched upon was how shocked the taxpaying public, notably the middle-classes, were at Channel 4’s Benefits Street documentary.

Yet again a documentary has uncovered life on benefits, the social inequalities and the attitudes of those living on benefits towards the taxpayer.

It is clear most of them don’t care for their ingrained culture of entitlement which makes them believe that the money will always flow, as society would never take measures to prevent them living off the backs of the taxpayer.

Over this last year the issues of welfare have been certainly been at the forefront of Government and public concern and more people are now recognising welfare as being the single most damning element, not only towards society as a whole, but indeed the very stability and future of Britain’s economy.

Whilst I certainly agree with the measures Mr. Duncan Smith has taken it is evidently still too little in that £26,000 a year remains significantly more than what many taxpayer’s receive in their take-home pay.

We talk of a society with inequalities and the disparity between the rich and the poor but clearly taking the decision to live a life on benefits is something each and every one of us has a choice not to engage in and certainly there is work for those to truly want to work.

The people featured in the Benefits Street documentary have taken a different stance; that is they are saying that Channel 4 deceived them into thinking the documentary was about the community and how they work together.

Of course they will defend their position and cry foul for these, like hundreds of thousands just like them, don’t want the taxpayer to know how they are scamming the system and how they can afford televisions in almost every room and top of the line cable and satellite entertainment packages to go with them.

Whilst they continue to plead poverty and berate the Government for its welfare reform they also don’t want you to see how they smoke 40 cigarettes a day and still have sufficient funds to spend much of their time drinking.

They talk about being poor, the under-privileged, the down-trodden and those who are given little if any opportunity but as the documentary clearly uncovered, these people are by and large lazy criminals; that is they can’t be bothered to work and some were uncovered to be fraudulently claiming benefits.

If the taxpayer wants social justice then we need to give Mr. Duncan Smith far more latitude and prevent the likes of Nick Clegg from blocking welfare reform.

In our view welfare shouldn’t be capped at £26,000 a year but rather 20% below minimum wage.  Such a measure would then make earning minimum wage far more attractive.

It’s also time that society scrapped child benefit; yes we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… having a child is a lifestyle choice and if you cannot afford to support a child adequately then you have no right to have children.

Last year it cost over £48 billion in interest payments alone for the money the Government was forced to borrow in order to pay out nearly £700 billion to cover all forms of welfare.

Since David Cameron came to power he’s added nearly £700 billion to the national debt bring it close to £1.4 trillion; that’s five time the UK’s national income.

When Greece went bust its national debt stood at just 2.6 times its national income; this should give you a good idea just how close Britain is tipping over the edge.  In fact if you add on all future costs, such as pensions, the UK is currently spending nine times its national income and a vast chunk of this is taken up with propping up the welfare system.

Bearing in mind the facts and considering Britain’s future, isn’t it about time we put a stop, once and for all, in allowing those to fleece the system simply because they are too lazy to work?

Mr. Duncan Smith is unequivocally on the right track but instead of chipping away at the rock with a toothpick may be its time that that public supported his plans wholeheartedly and handed him a jackhammer so that the taxpayer can finally have some relief from the benefit scroungers.

For those of the liberal persuasion, consider carefully that welfare doesn’t make people prosper; in fact historically it simply creates even more poverty and widens the divide between the rich and poor.

Such social inequalities inevitably lead to a despondent population, on both sides of the spectrum.  Is this really what you want for Britain or is it more productive to get people back into work, raising levels of self-worth, respect and above all a prosperous and law abiding nation.

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