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Welfare Reforms Get Massive Public Support

Welfare Reforms Get Massive Public Support

WELFARE REFORMS GET MASSIVE PUBLIC SUPPORT – In the wake of the recent benefits cap which saw recipients having benefits capped at a maximum of £26,000 a year, it now appears the taxpayer wants more and Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has vowed to comply.

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The on-going austerity measures have touched almost every hard working taxpayer in the UK. Of course not everyone has been subjected to the austerity drive; in fact those receiving state handouts have been afforded a very good living in recent years; notably to a much higher standard compared to those who work.

Whilst we at continuously fight against handing out ludicrous sums of taxpayers’ money to people who clearly have no intention of working, but would rather sponge off the state, it appears the taxpaying public are finally understanding just how damaging welfare is; not just damaging to the individual taxpayer but to the economy and recovery of Britain as a whole.

With the recent benefits cap being set at £26,000 there remains a vast number of working families who continue to shake their heads in disbelief; that is how can someone who does nothing get far more than those who work?

The average salary in Leicestershire is £22,000 and after taxes the take home amount is approximately £17,800.

It’s not surprising when the taxpayer looks at what’s left in their pockets and realises that this is £8,200 less than some gets from sitting around doing nothing that they feel financially fleeced.

In a recent UK poll some 73% of the working population supported the benefits cap whilst 90% of Londoners supported the recent reforms.

The media have played a huge part in bringing to light the discrepancies compared to those who work and those who scrounge and with the recent televised documentary Benefits Street by Channel 4, support for deeper cuts in benefit allowance has never been so vehemently called for.

It has to be said that most people are truly ignorant to the damage welfare does to society as a whole; it not only takes from those who work hard but often gives to people who simply do not care about the plight of the working families, austerity and indeed the future welfare of Britain.


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Go up to our search bar, top right, and type in the word ‘welfare’ or ‘welfare reform’ and you will quickly realise just how passionate we are at about stopping people from abusing the welfare system.

It is evident that there is a growing culture of entitlement in that those who refuse to work, feel entitled to steal from those that do and such is achieved through a taxation system that gives the taxpayer no room to deny them.

It’s not fair, plain and simple and it’s time we put an end to the ‘entitlement’ culture and told the scroungers to get off their lazy backsides or starve… everyone has a choice.

There are many people in the UK who deserve our support, such as the infirm or disabled and we could do so much more to help them if others weren’t allowed to effectively steal taxpayer’s money.

We are a caring society but we should only care for those who are prepared to reciprocate; such a move would finally bring about more cohesion within society for we would become more like-minded.

Considering all the news and programmes, such as Benefit Street, the taxpaying public are now calling on Iain Duncan Smith to slash benefits even further; the suggestions currently being tabled is that the cap should be placed at £20,000 or lower.

Personally we don’t think such a figure comes anywhere close to what truly needs to be done in order to force people into work.

In our view benefits should be capped at 50% below minimum wage levels; this will then make earning minimum wage far more attractive to the scroungers and benefits cheats.

It might seem like a harsh measure but we are currently saddled with austerity which means we need to work together as a nation and not one that is divided by those who simply cannot be bothered when there’s so much easy money to be made and whereby they feel entitled to receive.

It is time to make a stand before the welfare system bankrupts Britain which is a very real scenario.

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Welfare Reforms Get Massive Public Support