What Would Britain’s Future be Like Outside the European Union?

There are no models to provide a realistic view of what Britain’s future would be like if Britain pulled out of the European Union.

In this video Jeremy Paxman hosts a debate between those for Britain remaining in the European Union and those wanting to pull out so that Britain claws back its sovereignty, legislative powers and enables it to trade globally without EU rules and regulations.

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  • razer

    1. I am an old guy and I remember when the EEC worked quite well. Everyone prospered. Every country had rules and regulations that fit their society and economy. In the old days if a country like Spain or Greece experienced economic decline, what
    happened? Everyone went there for holiday because it was cheaper than other
    places and companies lined-up to buy Greek or Spanish products because they
    were cheaper. There was an automatic economic counter balance.

    2. The EU lied when they said a common currency would lower prices because there would no longer be a need for currency conversion. Prices increased 30-40% overnight on the continent.

    3. The EU lied about the EU constitution. When France and Holland rejected it what happened? The EU moguls did it anyway with the Treaty of Lisbon.

    4. Learn from existing models. They USA is officially an Oligarchy by academic analysis. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/21/americas-oligarchy-not-democracy-or-republic-unive/ …How can such a dynamic democracy be hijacked? Because it is easier to control one body of legislators than (at the time) 13 independent bodies legislating their respective nation.

    • http://www.meebal.com/ meebal

      Good synopsis, but you can’t be as old as the editor; he remembers the confusion over decimalisation :)

      On a serious note… do we really have democracy? Are were merely not permitted to vote in the next set of dictators who take their cues from the corporations and banks.

      Today is voting day and we strongly suspect UKIP is going to rock the boat in the EU elections. Maybe it’s time things were shook up a little.