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Whatever Happened to the Human Rights of British Citizens?

Whatever Happened to the Human Rights of British Citizens?

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF BRITISH CITIZENS? – Within the next few days, and despite British Intelligence stating the clear and present dangers, an Islamic extremists will be freed from any anti-terror controls as such would breach his human rights.

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We are of course not permitted to know his identity but only the acknowledgment that yet another highly dangerous Islamic extremist is about to be once again set free to roam the streets of Britain with the clear intent of engaging in terrorist related activities all because the Government refuse to scrap the Human Rights Act 1998 and pull out of the European Convention of Human Rights.

Such action, when or if it ever occurs, will then permit Britain to lift the veil of terrorism, face the facts that we are being terrorised with the remitted of submitting the entire population to Islam and Sharia Law and take a stand against it by turn the tables and allowing our highly trained security forces to actively seek out and remove those who threaten our way of life.

Of course there will be screams from the roof tops that this is yet another attempt to vilify Muslims but the truth remains that Muslims are far from integrating into British society or its culture and it’s time that they were given a choice… integrate or leave.

The argument is, and must certainly remain, that not all Muslims are terrorists or hold extremist views but the evidence surrounding the issue of integration is clear and decisive; the Despatches Documentary by Jon Snow evidently depicts just how segregated Muslims are becoming from British culture and society.

Why is it so politically incorrect to want to save the British culture; certainly if such a move by the British were made upon Saudi Arabia it would be met by swift and decisive measures in order to quash any such act.

We talk of tolerance, indeed the Muslims increasingly demand that we provide such and yet we appear to be given none in return.

Unquestionably we live in difficult times but the difficulties are of our own making and with Labour’s introduction of the Human Rights Act 1998 it is plainly obvious that we made things far worse; effectively removing our liberty, our right to free speech and ultimately allow known terrorists to walk among us with the intent to either convert us through fear or simply wipe us off the planet.

We are sitting on a powder keg that is wrapped liberally with political correctness in order to prevent us taking a stand against being converted; but like all such incidences in history the result, unless we can address the core issues, that being integrate or get out, will eventually lead to violence as people attempt to stave off what is little more than a religious and cultural invasion.

If you have any doubts then read the article on the Daily Mail; in fact scour the news to see just how many Islamic extremists are being set free in the name of human rights and finally watch the in-depth investigation by Dispatches in the video above.

We must remain tolerant for the sake of humanity but tolerance must be that of a two-way street for simply giving over to each and every demand from the Muslim communities will eventually leave the British citizen with nothing… other than being forced to attend a mosque and accept Sharia Law as the only law in Britain.

Every person has the right to whatever religious beliefs they hold however they do not and should not have the right to force such beliefs on another and certainly not through the activities of oppression, terrorism and murder.

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