More Whining from Mothers on Benefits

Mothers with 19 children between them who receive tens of thousands in handouts every year claim they are stuck on benefits and are forced to live off the state because they would be worse off if they went back to work.

The women claim they have been told by job centres there are no options for them because the cost of childcare for their many offspring would not be met by their wages.

They live in privately rented homes which they are unable to pay for themselves and say they cannot get on council housing lists because they have too many children or face waiting lists running into years.

Source: Daily Mail


An average of £35,000 a year … that’s what these mothers get in order to sustain an existence.

Of course the bleeding liberal hearts will tell you that any cuts in their benefits would be inhumane and yet few ask the question … ‘Who forced them to lay on their backs and breed?’

Yes that might sound a bit politically incorrect and yet the pundits who will vilify the question are those who simply do not want to ask the hard questions or indeed face the truth.

Is there a solution to this ever increasing problem?  Of course there is but it’ll take a politician with a spine to put the wrong right and it’ll take a nation to finally wake up and realise that they are being taken for a ride.

We’ve already seen Mr. Cameron late last week come out to state that if he is re-elected he’ll cut benefits by a further £3,000 a year bringing the benefits cap to a maximum of £23,000 a year … that’s still a damned sight more than those living on a minimum wage and is one of the core reasons why welfare is so attractive to the lazy and inept.

One of the questions the Daily Mail’s article asks is ‘where are the fathers?’ … again there are few answers and note here we use the word ‘fathers’ and not ‘father’ for most of these mothers with multiple children have given birth to children from multiple fathers … I’m guessing that life on benefits leaves them with little else to do but breed and at the expense of the taxpayer.

The real solution is to cut their benefits to 20% below minimum wage; at that point they may just find minimum wage far more attractive and give some relief for the hard working taxpayer.

It’s time we had an attitude adjustment and put aside the liberal progressive ideology and got back to basics … if you want children then you’ll have to support them; such could be achieved by cutting child benefit to just the first child.

You are free to express your opinion.

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