White Dee Depressed? Not as Depressed as the Taxpayer

by Editor | May 5, 2014 4:43 am

WHITE DEE DEPRESSED? NOT AS DEPRESSED AS THE TAXPAYER – Yet again Deirdre Kelly, known infamously as White Dee, is featured in the Daily Mail; this time she’s in Magaluf partying with her agents clients.

Yes whilst she quaffs champagne at £500 a bottle and then hits the town to drink copious amounts of alcohol the austerity strapped taxpayer is forced by the Government to hand out cash to support her lifestyle.

Despite Deirdre Kelly claiming she has made no money from her TV appearance or from the ‘rap song’ produced; she continues to be obtuse towards the taxpaying public as she insists she is too depressed to work.

£10,000 a year… that’s what it costs the taxpayer in her sickness benefits alone and many will view the photographs on the Daily Mail today as yet more evidence that welfare needs seriously reforming.

Long have we at meebal.com advocated that welfare should be set at 20% below minimum wage; this measure will then adequately weed out those who are just too lazy to work.

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If Deirdre Kelly can go partying and drinking all night she sure as hell can get off her lazy backside and work for a living.

Frankly Deirdre Kelly is the personification of everything that is wrong with Britain and its welfare system.  We have, and continue to do so, allowed people like her to live a life at our expense and the Government are not doing enough to put an end to the abuse.

There is a need for welfare in a humane and caring society; clearly there are people who desperately need and deserve our help.  However, people like Deirdre Kelly who continuously abuse it are putting the welfare system at risk and which will ultimately deny those most in need.

Of course Deirdre Kelly doesn’t care about you, a disabled person or someone genuinely ill who cannot work and depends of the taxpayer’s support… no she’s more than happy to continue fleecing the public until we finally put an end to it.

Just a thought… aren’t you supposed to refrain from drinking alcohol whilst taking antidepressants?

Have your say… Do you think Deirdre Kelly’s benefits should be stopped completely or does she have a right to continue receiving public funding?

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