Why is Great Britain No Longer Great?

Why is Great Britain No Longer Great?

WHY IS GREAT BRITAIN NO LONGER GREAT? - Just this headline alone will probably have many staunch British loyalists seeing more red than white and blue.  The trouble is that the UK is losing its appeal; unless you are a foreign freeloader entering the shores with the intent to living off the British Taxpayer, and then of course things look pretty good.

Here I want to explore a few issues of why I think Great Britain in longer the country is used to be and what could be done in order to turn the fortunes around.


These really are the beginning and end to 99% of the problems the UK faces.  The country is still being run by the ‘Old Boys Network’ and try as he might David Cameron is never going to come across as the champion of the people, a coin phrased for Tony Blair and we all know how his underhanded dealings landed the UK into an expensive war with Iraq – which many have voiced their concerns regarding the legalities of – so where is the inquiry?  Well that’s another matter altogether and no doubt buried under the National Security Act.

So why do we vote these people into power?  Is it simply a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils only to discover that the evils are the same albeit with a different colour?

The real issue lies with the division of government where MP’s are just too frightened to voice their true opinions for the fear of being labeled racist, sexist, bigoted or discriminatory that could spell an end to their very lucrative cushy jobs.

The UK needs a strong government, one that will listen to the will of the British people and be brave enough to take a stand against the hypocrisies that are legislated against us, either through parliamentary legislation or through European legislation.

I don’t think I have ever spoken to anyone who disagrees that our government is ineffectual and weak and yet it is oh so easy for us to point the finger at these politicians when in fact the blame lies squarely with the British people.

Without your vote, regardless of who you voted for, these so called politicians would not be in the position to cause so much damage to the UK.  The worst thing is the realisation that the next bunch will be just as bad as the last.

Fair enough, we need a government, but the question is what type of government do we need?  Here’s some of the failings and what I think could be done to put the situation right.

Socialist Democracy

Now before you go all patriotic and start accusing all socialists of being communists you might just want to look the word up.  Do you not think that the UK is a socialist country?  OK, let us take the NHS – is this not a socialist entity whereby we all chip in for the greater good?  Of course it is but that doesn’t make the UK a socailist country, far from it.

Now let’s take the second word Democracy, I am sure most of you feel somewhat more comfortable with this as it instills a right to freedom, speech and gives you a choice.  But look closely at the UK’s democratic system and tell me what rights of freedom and choice do you really have?

An example was a recent demonstration by Islamic Muslims on the street of London which basically was to inform us all that Islam would take over the world and that 9/11 was only the beginning.  Surely, while many of us find this offensive, it is their democratic right to do so.

What is disturbing is that if a group of British people demonstrated en-mass calling for the slaughter of all Muslims how far would it get before the authorities stepped in and disbanded the demonstration and how much backlash would these people get for being discriminatory, bigots and racists?

It would appear to me that looking at either a Socialist or Democratic government is therefore not the answer, so would it be too impossible to imagine a combined Social Democratic Government?

If we take the two words and look closely are we not a socialist society that provides its citizens with a democratic voice?  Well in fact no, we are not, and while we might like to think of ourselves as such we are a long way from achieving a socialist democratic society that could be the answer to many problems.

Consider this… If we had a true Social Democratic Government then surly the important decisions, like the failed Human Rights Act, Immigration, Foreign Aid, Education, Healthcare and  others, including issues with Europe, would certainly be put to the people under a referendum.

It should NOT be the government who decides but the people and in an electronic age of computers and the internet all of these issues could be easily put to the vote in a series of referendums where the PEOPLE get to decide on how and where the taxpayers money is spent and how our healthcare, education, immigration, welfare and other social systems are operated and for WHO they should benefit.

Now let’s look at some of the issues facing the citizens of the UK; which can all be attributed to out of touch politicians who would rather keep quiet in order to keep that very cushy jobs.

Human Rights Act

Almost any UK citizen can clearly see the failings of the Human Rights Act.  Look at the number of Islamic Extremists that we have tried and failed to deport; and in the process wasting millions of pounds in taxpayer’s money.  Does the HRA need overhauling?  Does the HRA need rewriting?  I would have to say yes because you need to look at English Law more closely.

Did you know that English Law is divided into TWO sections?  The most common version is Common Law.  However, James I enacted, in 1615, the Law of Equity (Equity Law) which basically means ‘fairness’.  The Law of Equity clearly states;

“If Common Law and Equity ever come into direct conflict then Equity must always prevail.” James I, 1615

So on this basis does not the Human Rights Act, when it stops terrorists being deported, or any other undesirable for that matter, being a part of the Common Law, not come into direct conflict with the Law of Equity?

So do you still think the Human Rights Act is appropriate or should we at least attempt to rewrite it so that it follows the principles of Equity?

Foreign Aid

This has to be the biggest crime against the British Taxpayer since Hitler invaded Poland.  David Cameron recently, on a radio show, defended the government’s £12 billion Foreign Aid budget.  Carefully watch the video below and note carefully how he justifies the expenditure – note it’s all about immigration, as he puts it “Otherwise these people would head to Britain suffocating our Welfare system.”

Now that you’ve watched the video above, ask yourself this question; “If the government had better controls over UK immigration would we really need to keep giving?”  Or here’s another question you might want to ask yourself and your local MP; “If we didn’t give £12 billion in Foreign Aid each year, couldn’t some of this money be used to tighten our border controls?”

Surely you must see that if the government were to rewrite the Human Rights Act and tighten immigration to a sensible level then the £12 billion Foreign Aid bill would no longer be necessary.

Look at a recent article - More UK Foreign Aid Money Wasted and ask yourself and your local MP if the Foreign Aid Budget is necessary and in fact ‘equitable’.  According to David Cameron, in the video above, the Foreign Aid Budget is designed to help the poor, but as the article (link above) clearly shows this is often not the case.

Look closely on how the British Government is supplying fighter jets to Pakistan and yet refuses to update Britain’s defences.


The UK is quickly becoming saturated with foreign immigrants.  Now I am all for bringing in people who offer skills that can contribute to society and the economy, such as Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Scientists and other such essential skills to forward the UK as a nation.

What I am opposed to, which is directly related to the Human Rights Act, is allowing the masses to across our boarder, mainly because Europe and our Human Rights Legislation dictates that we have to, and feed off the UK Taxpayer.  Whatever happened to the Law of Equity for the British people?  When did it become fair for the British Taxpayer to keep all of these people?

We don’t have to look very far at the problems this is causing with the newspapers and surveys reporting high numbers of crimes being committed by immigrants, both legal and illegal, and yet there is little done to solve the problem; which leads me to my next issue…

Law and Order

Ask any British Police Officer how easy their job is and you’ll probably see them shaking their head in vain.  Look up PACE, that’s the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, which dictates and governs how our Police Officers may act and covers issues such as the powers of arrest.

PACE has basically made law enforcement and policing a joke in the UK. There is little, if any real law and order in the UK.  I remember my father once telling me a story of how he, and a couple of friends, were hanging around on a street corner when a police officer asked them what they were doing.  My father’s reply was; “Minding our own business.”  For that he got a swift clip round the ear and frog marched home where his father duly dished out the strap.

Is this so wrong?  My father often said that the police commanded and receive real respect as they were valuable members of the community protecting the people.

It is widely agreed that our youth are under educated and have little, or indeed no, respect for the law or our police officers.  Would it be so bad to bring back real law and order in the UK where criminals can be brought to justice and where it is safe to walk the streets and dare I even offer the suggestion that we should pass a police officer in the street with the kind gesture of saying “Good Morning / Good Afternoon / Good Evening Officer”.

Would it really be so bad to instill law, order and respect back on the streets where the young and elderly feel safe?


We are failing our children in a spectacular fashion.  There is no longer any real discipline in the classroom or a willingness to learn.  Schools and its educators are under funded and the children have little or no respect for their educators.

Would it be that terrible to bring back discipline where the cane was reintroduced?  Should a child know that by being disrespectful the consequences at school and at home would be severe?  When I was a kid I would not have dreamed of telling any of my teachers to “F*** Off” and yet it is commonplace in our schools today.

Could we not take that Foreign Aid budget and sort out Immigration so that our schools don’t have 60 unruly kids all speaking different languages in one class?


Why should anyone be allow to live off the hard working British Taxpayer indefinitely?  Should we not have a cap of say 18 months for the right to receive benefits such as unemployment benefit.

What about child benefit – should we really be responsible for taking care of other people’s children?  Surely we are educated sufficiently to understand how to use contraceptives?


Heather Frost Defends Her Decision to Have 11 Kids Whilst Living on Benefits

There is an argument that if benefits were restricted then crime would escalate… So what if we had better law and order to prevent this?

My attitude is that anyone, natural citizen or foreigner, should be made to work if they are able.  Certainly with the cutting of the Foreign Aid Budget the government would be able to create more jobs and attract foreign investment to build places of work?  Forget the Foreign Aid Budget just for a minute and think how much money could be saved and better utilised if we stopped giving to freeloaders.

There is NOTHING WRONG with a socialist society helping those in need… It is our moral duty to do so, but it is not our moral duty to continuously help those who will not help themselves or are just too lazy knowing that the next welfare cheque is just 2 weeks away.

There are many other issues we face of a social nature and these can only ever be overcome by the people.  Your very vote determines what will come next, but I ask this… “Is it not time for a Social Democratic Party that will allow the voice of the people to be heard through a socialist democratic series of referendums on the most pressing issues?”

You can make a difference, we can all make a difference and we can all live together, regardless of race, creed, colour or religion if we embrace a system that is equitable for society as a whole.

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  • Mick

    The old saying “the good old days”, and when we look back on them they really were. As a child on a midland red bus I saw my first black person, kneeling on the seat I stared at him until my Mother gave me a clout and dragged me down onto the seat, funny how you remember these things.
    Likewise as a lad boxing for Fisher and Ludlow and missing my last bus home walking through the Sutton Parade on a short three mile hike to my home (not unusual to walk those distances then) a policeman approached as he was rattling each of the door handles of the shops and stores to ensure they were locked, he asked me where I was going and what did I have in my bag, Boxing gear officer, I said , he had a quick look and took me to the Police station where, on arrival, I was given a mug of cocoa and a comic book to read, in the meantime they had called possibly the only patrol car they had which came and took me directly to my home escorted to the door by a Policeman, Dad, on opening the door must have been surprised to see me with the policeman, after a few words of explaining by the policeman to my Dad, he thanked him for bringing me home safe and sound.

    My Father after closing the door gave me a good telling off for missing the last bus home and putting the Police to all the trouble, I won my boxing match not that it made a lot of difference. A few days later I went into
    Sutton and was determined to go to the Police Station to thank them, another mug of cocoa. Moral to this story, I was not afraid of the police they had always, in my mind, been kind helpful and considerate, to this day my respect for the Police Officers has not wavered. Remember the saying, “if you want to know the time ask a Policeman”. Yes the friendly guy walking the beat has long gone, who in their right mind would do that now with the very strong possibility of getting beaten up, knifed or even killed. Yes Graham they were the good old days, even the smack round the ear for scrumping apples off of a neighbors tree, and then daring to knock on someone’s door then run and hide, simple little things like that, never maliciously hurting anyone to the point now where either a knife or gun is used to settle disagreements.

    Great article and you have my vote should you ever decide to go into politics, can you bring back the good old days? No we have progressed, or have we really, beyond being able to change everything, you could most certainly take the steps necessary to alleviate the mess we are in presently and it all stems from immigration, the troubles, financials and lawlessness. I wouldn’t know where to start but maybe you have found a niche whereby your thoughts and necessary actions to correct the wrongs of the UK may be read and heard by a great many people who like me would give you our vote of confidence.