Why is the Harlem Shake So Popular?

WHY IS THE HARLEM SHAKE SO POPULAR? – Just what is the Harlem Shake?  Watch the following video and see if you can figure it out.

There you have it, the newest dance craze hitting the Internet and it is called “The Harlem Shake.”  Much like the popularity of flash mobs, the Harlem Shake has been an instant hit that has reached millions of viewers since it first went viral on the Internet.  Popular now at school functions and community events, it has left the computer scene and hit the road.

You may not have noticed, but there was a pattern to this dance that all qualifying videos and performances must contain.   First, they may only be 30 seconds long, and begin with one lone, masked dancer among his friends who appear to be oblivious to the music and his gyrations.  As the music slows, the remainder of the group then joins in with seizure like movements and shaking.

The Harlem shake is an actual dance that originated in Harlem back in 1981, and has seen a resurgence with today’s young people when combined with ”Trap” music which is a combination of hip-hop, house and crunk.

Young people seem to be drawn to the brief, spontaneous burst of energy this dance exhibits, which explains why there are approximately 4,000 videos uploaded daily.

You read that right, 4,000, and it is not isolated to the “under 30″ crowd either with videos being posted by the army, a swim team, office workers and gyrating grannies to name a few.  Diversity and creativity in setting the environment seems to be the biggest challenge when it comes to creating a video.

With the Internet allowing anyone their 30 seconds of fame, the mania will last long enough for you to grab your camera and make your own video.

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