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Why Meebal Supports Sergeant Alexander Blackman

Why Meebal Supports Sergeant Alexander Blackman

WHY MEEBAL SUPPORTS SERGEANT ALEXANDER BLACKMAN – Despite the problems in Britain many of the British public rightfully remain proud to be British.

Our pride often revolves around our Armed Forces consisting of our, Army, Navy and Air Force with men and women who serve tirelessly and selflessly in order to protect our liberty.

Sergeant Alexander BlackmanWe also pride ourselves on upholding the law and that anyone breaking the law should never be allowed to escape it; regardless of the position that anyone person holds within society.

Our armed forces do not start wars; they are merely given orders from their superior officers who in turn receive their orders from Government figures.

Look back to 1981 – 1982 and where the Falklands War was initially opposed by the public and yet despite fierce opposition Margaret Thatcher refused to stand by and allow Argentina to invade British sovereignty and get away with it.

The result was a victory for the British and whilst our troops were admired it was in fact Margaret Thatcher who received the majority of public adulation and in fact gave her another victory in the polls.

Many of us have never been to war or truly been exposed to the horrors that it entails. We watch a movie about killing and simply dismiss it and yet on the ground the bloodshed and violence is intense and our troops are fighting for their very lives in order to ultimately protect us.

We acknowledge that sometimes things go wrong, but in the heat of the battle there is little time to think; it simply is a matter of kill or be killed.

What we have allowed to happen with Sergeant Alexander Blackman is a travesty of justice; we ultimately allowed our Government to train him to become a killer and to kill without conscience.

Indeed Sergeant Alexander Blackman was sent into several warzones, including Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan – did anyone really think Sergeant Alexander Blackman was there to engage in dialogue with terrorists?

The truth is that whilst our Government has basically allowed Sergeant Alexander Blackman to be the sacrificial lamb in the move to clear our consciences and appear to fully support all manner of human rights legislation we are prepared to put him in harm’s way, to risk his life despite never having given a choice.

The Government gave Sergeant Alexander Blackman a licence to kill, murder if you like, but whichever phrase you use it results in the loss of life; mostly of enemy combatants.

The Government are more than happy, when engaging in missile strikes to level a city, to kill hundreds if not thousands of innocent men, women and children; this is often justified under the label of ‘collateral damage’ and they also appear content to allow troops to kill; but as soon as an allegation is made to suggest abuse then the PR machine goes into full force in order to distance themselves from any wrong-doing – after all such will ultimately cost votes.

Yes the Government, and even some members of the public, will openly gasp in horror at the atrocities of war and yet there has never been a war that doesn’t involve atrocities – it is about killing in order to force the enemy into submission.

Sergeant Alexander Blackman - Image 2

We have effectively allowed Sergeant Alexander Blackman to stand trial for doing his job and as a result incarcerated him for 10 years; it is nothing short of unjust.

Currently there is overwhelming public support for Sergeant Alexander Blackman, in that he should be released.  It appears that people are finally acknowledging the fact that Sergeant Alexander Blackman wasn’t sent to Afghanistan to engage in dialogue but to kill in order to force the enemy to yield.

It is comforting to know that the likes of Sir Gerald Howarth, the former Defence Minister, and Lord Ashcroft have come out in support of Sergeant Alexander Blackman; both are calling for a far more lenient sentence for we cannot train someone to kill, demand that they kill and then exaggerate horror when they do.

It is of course a notion that all troops should act within the laws of engagement but again in reality and in the heat of battle when you constantly fear for your life then such a notion is simply not practical.

At we will continue to support Sergeant Alexander Blackman for him, along with the thousands of other troops that serve to protect our liberty, must not be allowed to be made scapegoats of politicians who merely want to protect nothing more than the votes to get them re-elected.

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