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Will Cameron Ever Face the Fact that the EU Will NOT Allow Reforms?

Will Cameron Ever Face the Fact that the EU Will NOT Allow Reforms?

WILL CAMERON EVER FACE THE FACT THAT THE EU WILL NOT ALLOW REFORMS? – During Angela Merkel’s visit to Britain yesterday she gave a passionate plea for Britain not to pull out of the EU but also made it perfectly clear to David Cameron that Britain can hope to achieve only minimal reform before an EU referendum is held; if in fact it is allowed to be held.

Mr. Cameron has already been told by EU President Jose Manuel Barroso that Britain will fail at any attempt to claw back powers and recently the EU Vice President Viviane Reding declared that Brussels now creates and controls 70% of all British laws and that the British people are in fact too ignorant to be allowed an EU referendum.


EU President Barroso Tells Cameron Power Claw Back Will Fail

British Too Ignorant to be Allowed an EU Referendum

EU Tells Britain it CANNOT Rewrite EU Immigration Rules

Yes, David Cameron remains adamant that he can renegotiate Britain’s involvement in the EU despite all the EU totalitarian despot dictators telling him he can’t.

The only conclusion I can possibly make is either that Mr. Cameron is refusing to acknowledge the inevitable or that he’s complete delusional and that someone really ought to remind him that substance abuse is not only dangerous to your health but it’s also illegal.

Now I won’t knock anyone for trying and if they fall down get up and try again but Britain reforming its level of involvement  or leaving the EU is not something Angela Merkel, Jose Manuel Barroso or Viviane Reding is about to accept.

We all know the deplorable state of the EU’s finances; it was in late September last year that the EU demanded another £3.5 billion from the UK and other EU member states so that it could in fact meet its legal financial obligations.


EU Demands More Cash From Britain

The truth is that Britain, along with a couple of other EU member states, notably Germany and France are the ones keeping the EU afloat and if Britain was to pull out the lot may well collapse like a house of cards for none of it is built on a fiscal foundation that can possibly continue to support its existence; the issue is do we let Brussels bankrupt Britain?

Effectively Angela Merkel’s visit was merely to inform David Cameron that she wouldn’t support the reforms he is seeking; she and the others in the EU are fully aware that allowing Britain to control its own finances and own legal affairs will simply dissipate any control the EU has over Britain and it won’t allow it.

During her address to the House of Commons and House of Lords Angela Merkel suggested that Britain will not be treated as a ‘special case’ and warned anyone expecting her to promise a fundamental shake-up of the EU at the present time will be sorely disappointed.

In plain speak Angela Merkel simply reinforced Mr. Barroso’s and Ms. Reding’s views that it’s all or nothing… well all for the EU and nothing for Britain which is why I suspect that if a referendum is provided it might just see Britain waving a Bon Voyage to the EU.

Not long ago David Cameron gave a speech on how Britain is a proud, industrious and innovative nation.  Proud it might well be although I don’t really think we’ve got much to be proud about considering that successive governments have all but destroyed industry, stifled innovation and sold Britain plc to the European Union.

We certainly can be a proud, industrious and innovative nation once again but firstly we must pull out of the EU and then set about redressing the balance of finances; mainly by reducing the public sector and promoting the private sector.

Of course we could do nothing and allow the likes of the German Chancellor and the EU to effectively take over Britain and lead it along the same path as Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal or Ireland… yes it means inflicting bankruptcy on Britain and once that occurs the EU will have unequivocal control; as it does with those member states that it effectively bankrupted.

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