Wonderful Video of a Kitten Meeting a Hedgehog

WONDERFUL VIDEO OF A KITTEN MEETING A HEDGEHOG – This sort of video really does warm the cockles of my heart.  With all the terrible things going on in the world it is such a breath of fresh air to see that some people can take the time out and look at the truly beautiful side of life.

In the video you get to watch how a kitten meets a hedgehog for the very first time. I just love the way the intrepid kitten is not quite sure as the hedgehog curls up in a protective ball.

Loki, the kitten, obviously is a very curious fellow and Harley the white hedgehog is just adorable and after watching the video several times I am still drawn back to watch it again.

One of the most endearing parts is when Harley is taking a dip in his bath and this is the point that both Loki and Harley really start to come together.  You would have to be soulless and with a heart of stone not to be able to appreciate this simply wonderful video.

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