Wonders of the Human Eye

Wonders of the Human Eye

WONDERS OF THE HUMAN EYE – Our eyes are truly a remarkable piece of equipment allowing most of us to take in the wonders around us in all its glory.

If there is one thing I like it’s a good educational video and this example, detailing the workings of the human eye is just brilliant.  If you have young children this is the sort of thing you can show them and I am sure they will be fascinated.

This is a full journey through the Human Eye, how it works, how it maintains itself and how the reflected light of the world enters through the cornea, aqueous humor, lens, vitreous humor and project on the photo receptors of the retina, whose impulses converge on the optic nerve, then to the brain in order to be processed so that we can understand what we are seeing and give meaning and purpose to those images.

Our pupils continuously dilate to provide just the right amount of light to be projected onto the lens.  The remarkable thing about the human eye is not just the fact that it can process huge volumes of images but also continuously repair itself and adjust to the environment around of, taking care of elements such as dust, dirt and grit.

The eye has an incredible defense system that comes into play each and every time we blink.  When we blink this places a new tear film over the cornea to not only ensure the clarity of the images we process but also to disinfect the eye in order to keep it free of any bacteria.

The human eye is simply astonishing and I hope you have enjoyed watching the video.

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