You Would Laugh if it wasn’t so Tragic for Britain

by Editor | May 12, 2014 7:33 am

YOU WOULD LAUGH IF IT WASN’T SO TRAGIC FOR BRITAIN – Being in my senior years I’ve watch politicians come and go; most go out in a fanfare of ridicule from both the public and members of Government; rarely do they leave being lauded as the bastions of truth, moral integrity or decency.

Well that’s not exactly a revelation most people will find shocking but an article in the Daily Mail today really does reveal the true state of British politics and uncovers, to a degree, the widespread petty behaviour and how low each will stoop just to make a political point or appear in the public’s eyes as an outstanding politician of moral fortitude.

The article is basically all about numerous feuds between Nick Clegg, David Cameron, George Osborne, Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings who suggests that Nick Clegg is not only a nasty piece of work he is also the reason the Tory Government has failed to deliver on many of its manifesto pledges to the public.

Yes, so low is the level of integrity that if it were water you wouldn’t be able to boil and egg and here the Daily Mail lays bare the issue of Nick Clegg being responsible for fast-tracking £12 million of public funds into the BookTrust charity[1] run by his wife Miriam Clegg.

It’s an old story but one that has been dragged up again with Mr. Cummings suggesting that Nick Clegg at the time was furious over such a suggestion and threatened to call in the police; according to Mr. Cummings when he and others said that would be fine with them he dropped the idea like a tonne of lead.

Now you might be wondering why I think this is so tragic, as suggested in the headline. Firstly you need to read the Daily Mail’s article (link above) and then realise that these are the men running Britain… into the ground.

Yes those bickering public schoolboys, all of whom were born with platinum spoons in their mouths and have never been subjected to an honest day’s work in their entire lives,and nor will they, appear wholly unable to tackle any of Britain’s issue but rather spend their time conspiring against one another.

Like the Chilcot Inquiry[2], it’s obvious why Nick Clegg dropped the idea of calling in the police for it was obvious that he in some way influenced the £12 million cash donation by the taxpayer to his wife’s charity… seriously do you think BookTrust would have received such a vast sum of taxpayer’s money so quickly if he hadn’t in some way use his influence in the matter?

I’m afraid that back in 2010 democracy wasn’t upheld; it was clear that the public couldn’t decide which set of crooks would do the lesser harm and as a result we had a hung parliament.

Of course your democracy wasn’t of the least bit of a concern to the politicians and the result was that David Cameron sold his soul to the only political party that would provide any support, resulting in a Coalition Government that was wholly unsanctioned by the British electorate and one that they have truly paid the price for.

Once again David Cameron uses this to his advantage for now he continuously reminds the public that any indecision in the 2015 General Election could lead to Labour coming to power by default; he is of course referring to the public’s split on voting UKIP and it is a clear sign that he will once again sell his soul and sell out the British public by forming yet another Coalition if required.

Nick Clegg, being the bastion of truth and moral integrity has already made his position unequivocally clear… he’s more than happy to sell his soul and Britain to either Labour or Tory providing he gets to be Deputy Prime Minister once again.

I suspect he’d relish the chance of a Coalition with UKIP; of course Nigel Farage would never entertain such an idea for he has already weighted Nick Clegg and found him severely wanting.

So there you have it; a Government divided because neither the Tories or the Liberal Democrats ever had any common ground and as a result the British public has been subjected to four years of complete and utter indecisiveness that has resulted in Britain being plunged into further debt, an immigration issue that has never even been attempted to be controlled and a continuous sell out to the European Union.

People often ask me what Britain would be like with yet another 5 years of a Coalition Government; my response is… there won’t be a Britain if such a scenario were to repeat itself.

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