Young Boy Sings His Heart Out in Music Store

YOUNG BOY SING HIS HEART OUT IN MUSIC STORE – I have to admit I love to sing, although I can honestly say that my friends would much rather I didn’t.  To say that I’m tone deaf is a bit of an under-statement as the truth is I can’t even whistle.

I really do love my music and I am always thrilled to watch shows such as the XFactor as I am often in awe of the raw talent that is out there.

This story revolves around a young boy in a music store who simply started singing the Blues.  The store owner could simply not believe what he was hearing and asked the boy to stop and start again once he set up a disc so that he could record the event.

What you are about to view is nothing short of sheer brilliance and I am sure that this young lad will end up with a career in the music business.

Enjoy the video – and share it.

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