Youth Gang in London Finally Caught

YOUTH GANG IN LONDON FINALLY CAUGHT - After robbing over 45 Mobile Phone Stores in London, in broad daylight, the gang of 12 are finally caught and brought before the courts.

With CCTV footage all 12 gang members pleaded guilty to robbery, aggravated robbery conspiracy to commit burglary.  The largest sentence that any one of the gang members received was 9 months imprisonment, however all 12 gang members sentences were suspected from 1 year to 2 years and each was given from 200 hours of community service.

With CCTV footage all 12 gang members pleaded guilty to robbery, aggravated robbery conspiracy to commit burglary.

The police and judiciary commented that this was swift and sure justice which would deter other youths from engaging in such activities.

Considering that the UK is had the highest level of crime anywhere in Europe the activities of this gang does not surprise me in the least.  It’s an everyday occurrence to hear of someone being beaten, mugged, rapped or murdered and those crimes are only the tip of the criminal activity that is perpetrated each and every minute in the UK.

The most shocking part of this story is not the crime but rather the sentencing.  The newspapers reporting this were unable to name seven of the defendants as they were under the age of 17, and therefore considered minors.

As for the police and judiciary commenting that this was swift and sure justice surly what occurred in court had to be the biggest travesty of justice of all.  How can any magistrate or judge sit on the bench with this type of crime being committed and hand down sentences that were of no deterrent, for either these criminals or in fact any other criminals?

I know what you are thinking… that our Magistrates and Judges are useless and out of touch with reality.  Unfortunately this sentiment is misguided and our magistrates and judges are merely the escape goats of a justice system that the British people initiated, nurtured and grew.

UK Justice

As you sit there reading this, why not stop your whining and go and take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror.

I have said this so many times, you reap what you sow and you sow the dawn and movement of liberalism.  You nurtured it with your pampering ways and you took criminal acts as not acts of crime but rather a cry for help.

You should be happy living in a crime ridden country, it is after all exactly what you wanted… that is a country where there is no form of punishment, no deterrent from committing crime and in fact a system where crime is highly rewarding – you get a nice comfortable cell with TV and all the mod-cons, unfortunately so many people want to live in our prison system, due to the benefits, that they are now over flowing and so the magistrates and judges simply have to let the criminals go free.

A look at the state of the UK's Criminal Justice System and exploring why UK Judges are unable to imprison the guilty.

While I am a staunch advocate of both Corporal and Capital punishment I am also a realist and in that I know that the liberal do-gooders still have a firm strangle hold on society and this is often reinforced by making the public feel guilty about incarcerating or punishing another human being.

You can look at any of the social problems the UK faces and lay the troubles squarely at the door of those who think that the liberal way is the only way while the stark truth is that our liberal system has created the most violent country in the whole of Europe and that problem continues to grow.

I was asked what I would have done, with this gang, if the choice had been mine.  My answer is simple… a public flogging.  The erecting of a Marque would take place and any member of the public would be invited to intend.  All 12 of them, regardless of their age, would have been publicly flogged.

Bring back public flogging for criminals.

This, in my view, would have two effects.  Firstly it would send a clear message to these criminals of what they can expect if they commit crime in the UK.  Secondly it would act as a stark reminder for anyone entering into a criminal act.

You simply cannot have a peaceful society when criminals are fully aware that their activities have no real consequences.

With less than a year to go before the ‘Right of Free Movement’ is forced upon the citizens of the UK; which will bring even more foreign immigrants, many of whom will be involved in crime, the public needs to make a decision… continue with its liberal ways of enforcing the law or turn each and every home into a prison, because within the next 10 years the streets of Britain will no longer be safe to walk, whether it be night or day.

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  • guymark

    I can understand our hands being tied with Europe making sure we treat our criminals so nicely – but surely if flogging was made an OPTION then their rights would not be infringed.

    I would think a few people would consider a dozen stripes across their back if it meant they could go back to their families and keep their jobs and homes – rather than spend a few months kicking their heels in prison.

    If they have a choice, surely there is no debate of anyone’s “rights being abused” or” cruel and unusual punishment” – not if they OPT for it.

    Altogether better for the criminal AND society to bring back the short sharp shock – and in the case of younger priosoners in particular may save them from far worse (rape etc) in prison.

    • meebal

      That’s an interesting concept; having an option for the cane. I do know that Singapore uses the cane as a determent and their crime rate is very low. They also have the death penalty.

      I’ve spent time in Singapore and I’ve seen the aftermath of a caning – it’s pretty brutal but the result is that few, if any, go back for a second helping.

      It’s worrying to think that the UK has sunk to such a depth regarding crime and there is no doubt that something drastic needs doing. This issue of Corporal and Capital Punishment keeps getting raised from time to time and I am almost certain that if a referendum was afforded the people they would vote to bring both back.