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Benefits for Drunks and Junkies

Nearly £500 million a year of taxpayers money is given to drunks and junkies in welfare payments. Yes it appears to be acceptable to subject the taxpayer to paying for their habit whilst they struggle to put food on the table.

Nick Clegg … What a Prat    

Nick Clegg referred to Boris Johnson as a twat and wants to slap David Cameron. What does this make Nick Clegg other than a prat?

Are Sanctions Looming for Thailand

How much longer can Thailand continue to abuse basic human rights before sanctions are imposed? The military junta continues its campaign on clamping down on free speech according to the Human Rights Watch.

Migrant Voters Outnumber British Born Voters

National statistics now show that Migrant Voters outnumber British born voters by a significant margin. Is this a failing of Labour and Conservative immigration policies or is mass immigration good for Britain?

Thai Military Junta Chief Declares Strict Martial Law

Thai Military Junta has declared that it will impose strict martial law and anyone, individual, group or media will be dealt severely if it criticizes the ruling junta.

Free Enterprise – Is It Really Just About Individual Greed?

Is Free Enterprise and indeed capitalism really about individual greed or is there something else that motivates entrepreneurs other than vast wealth?

Why Does the UN and Media Continuously Vilify Israel?

No other country in the Middle East provides a free and open society that Israel provides its citizens; so why does the UN and media continuously vilify Israel?

Facebook to Censor Images of the Prophet Mohammed

Facebook to Censor Images … What? Yes after Mark Zuckerberg declared recently that no country or group would dictate what people could post of Facebook he’s had a change of heart after the Turkish government threatened to block Facebook if people posted images of the Prophet Mohammed.

Foreign Aid Investment Lost to Corruption

Once again the British taxpayer is subjected to the reality that a vast amount of Foreign Aid is lost to corruption. The government continually looks at cutting costs but it’s obvious they are looking in the wrong direction.

More Whining from Mothers on Benefits

Once again the British taxpayer is subjected to the issue of Mothers on Benefits; yes those with multiple children when life on benefits is more lucrative than working … it’s time to put a stop to this madness.

Government Looking at More Ways to Cut Public Spending

Once again the elections are upon us and once again public spending is on the agenda to reduce it. Carefully note that the public spending cuts don’t including cutting EU bailouts or the foreign aid budget.

You’re Enslaved but Worse You’re in Denial

It’s a fact you are enslaved and your denial won’t change that fact but will certainly make it worse. In this video it explores your enslavement and those who enslave you.

Is this Proof that Ebola was Facilitated by the US Government?

Was the Ebola virus facilitated by the US Government? This video explores that possibility and why the Ebola virus was released.

Are We Being Told the Truth About Ebola?

Are we really being told the truth about the outbreak and spread of the Ebola virus? In this video it uncovers a number of facts that you will almost certainly find disturbing.

ISIS – What You Are Not Being Told

Once again the news is filled with atrocities perpetrated by ISIS. In this article we explore what’s behind ISIS and what the public are not being told.

Banks Accused of Being Fundamentally Corrupt

Once again the Banks are being accused of being corrupt and yet those in government appear incapable of regulating them adequately in order to protect the consumer. Here banks have been selling insurance to protect customers against credit card despite the banks legal obligation to refund customers in such instances.

Is Sharing Content the Lifeblood of Website Success?

Sharing content is the key to greater ranking in Google. Here we explore the issues of sharing content and ways to get visitors to share.

Moderate Islam? No That Would be a Myth

Is there such a thing as Moderate Islam? On one side we have the Muslim community stating that Islam is moderate and a religion of peace; on the other we have the Koran which paints a very different picture.

Running a Website on the Back of Public Donations

How difficult is it to successfully operate a website on the back of public donations? Here we explore a number of ways to generate revenue from content and the pitfalls involved.

Anti-Austerity Activists Call for the Following of Greek Stance

Anti-Austerity activists are calling on Ed Miliband to oppose further cuts in spending stating that the Greek elections was a victory for Anti-Austerity … Is it now clear that the Anti-Austerity pundits are happy to lead Britain down the road to bankruptcy?