Ashamed to be a Thai Citizen

ASHAMED TO BE A THAI CITIZEN  – This article was written by Fon, a Thai national living in Chiang Rai, a northern province in Thailand.  Fon’s name and certain details have been changed in order to protect her identity. has edited Fon’s story in order to provide clarity and all such editorial amendments have been approved by Fon.

Once again the Thai Government and authorities are threatening a crackdown on foreign owned businesses. This could result in thousands of foreigners losing everything they own and being deported.

Fon’s Story…

I am ashamed to be a Thai citizen.  I am reasonably well educated but come from a very poor background.  Both my parents have long passed away after years of scraping a living on their small farm.

I understand that all countries have their own unique set of problems but I often take to reading English news websites, such as and, so that I might try to learn and understand how a foreigner thinks and even what their aspirations are when living in Thailand.

12 years ago I met my husband, a German nation who is 10 years my senior. We have two beautiful children and I have learned through him that marriage is not simply about the man taking care of the woman but rather a marriage is about working together; in other words we take care of each other.

I’ve read so many horror stories about how foreigners are treated in Thailand and it saddens me deeply and often makes me totally ashamed to be Thai.

One of the first things I learned from my husband was not to refer to him as a ‘Farang’.  He is German and he advised me that I try to learn sufficient about an individual so that I can determine where they come from and therefore refer to them by their nationality.  It is, in my eyes, far more respectful and if the Thai people want more respect from foreigners then they should learn that respect is a two way street.

It often saddens me that many foreigners view all Thai women as bar girls.  Yes, Thailand does have a very bad reputation for being a country whereby sex can be brought easily but that doesn’t mean all Thai girls will readily sleep with a foreign man for money.

I have little or no time for the Thai Government, they are all crooks and anyone believing they are there to help the people are simply delusional.  The Thai Government does nothing more than sweep important issues under the carpet; issues that affect both Thai citizens and foreign nationals residing here.

Thais are often perceived as xenophobic, nationalist, greedy and corrupt and this is yet another reason why I am often so ashamed of my heritage. We seem unwilling to put aside for one moment personal gain and look to the greater good and what Thailand could really achieve on the world stage if only we could look beyond our own greed.

I read the article yesterday on regarding foreign nationals being robbed of their property by Thai wives.  It is a common thing and far more wide spread than many actually know; even foreigners who have been living in Thailand for many years are not fully aware of just how rife this element of theft is and yet the Thai people and Thai Government think it’s perfectly acceptable.


Foreigners Being Financially Ruined by Thai Wives

As a Thai person I worry that the future of Thailand is likely to be bleak; there is little chance of us being able to compete on an international level once we join the Asian Economic Community (AEC) due to the uncontrollable amount of corruption.

The Government continuously tells us they are tackling corruption but the truth is they are all raping Thailand for their own personal gain; you only have to look at the affairs of Government contracts to understand just how crooked Thai officials are.

I am tired of being ashamed of being Thai.  My husband supports me by telling me that all developing democracies go through growing pains but the abuse needs to stop.

We must learn to respect foreign nationals and in turn we should expect their respect of us. We are after all just human beings that are simply looking for quality of life.

We need to change the laws so that my husband and all foreign husbands of all Thai women are not subjected to the annual appraisal of their worth in order to stay in Thailand.  Yes people should be able to support themselves but there are also many Thai women who work hard to support their foreign husbands in times of hardship – again a marriage is about a partnership.

As for land and property ownership the only reason I see why the laws cannot be changed is to allow the ongoing process of stripping foreign nationals of their assets.  It is nothing short of open theft and something every Thai national should be thoroughly ashamed of.

The argument for not allowing foreign nationals to own property is weak in that Thais don’t want foreigner to take their land. The truth is they are not taking it anywhere and indeed their very involvement in purchasing land helps to make Thailand more valuable.

We must find common ground so that Thai nationals are not squeezed out due to rising land prices that have become evident in certain parts of the country; most notably the tourist areas such as Phuket, Krabi and Pattaya.

I know, as a Thai, that Thais often look upon foreigners as being rich but also second class citizens; this is another attitude the Thai people must change.  Just because someone is rich does not give others the right to think it is acceptable to fleece them.

I am ashamed to be Thai for these reasons and others but I do love my country and hope that one day we will have a better understanding of the world and those in it and through this bring about change that will allow both Thais and foreigners to live together whereby respect is mutual and upheld.

For all those who have been robbed or duped by a Thai woman I can only apologise but also say that not all Thai women are the same; I certainly wouldn’t dream of taking anything from the man that I love in a deceitful way. says…

Thank you Fon for your words and we are sure that many foreign nationals living in Thailand are more than happy to be there and certainly don’t tar everyone with the same brush.

We are all people of this very small planet but with our varying cultures we must learn to respect one another, as you so poignantly point out.

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  • Paul T

    thank you!!!

  • George H

    I see far too many generalizations in the comments, and also in the article itself. We have to judge people as individuals. Leave their nationality, color, race, etc. out of it. Every person deserves a chance. Don’t pre-judge anyone, please. The sooner the world learns this, the better.

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  • Matt Owens Rees

    Courageous comments by Fon. More and more Thais are speaking out and have different points of view from most Thais and certainly different attitudes from those of their parents and grandparents.

    True particularly of students in the universities.

    As some commentators have suggested, it is no longer the case that every Thai – Western marriage is only about the woman taking care of the man and the man taking care of her and the family. It can be love too. Thailand’s history of poverty in a very hierarchical society, makes the need for money and security paramount.

    In a video on a different Meebal thread, we hear a Thai lady and members of her community openly accept that foreigners bring money into the society. That gives her and her family security. The village benefits from the inflow of monthly bank transfers, the money being spent in the village to the advantage of the Thai economy.

    The man gains by being contented in this environment and being cared for. It’s a fair bargain between the man and the woman. That’s also how the Thais see it.

    • meebal

      Have a look at the comments Matt and see how many readers thought the article was bogus. It’s amazing that some cannot realise that some Thais actually do think the system is wrong and that change should be made.

      Regarding the video, it is obvious that some Thais simply look upon westerners as a route to an easy life. In a way you can’t blame then as with a system that is oppressive and corrupt as Thailand’s this rarely creates opportunity for betterment.

      • Matt Owens Rees

        I was not surprised at the comments, Meebal. These Thai bashers, as I call them, are in fact a minority of the expat population of some 400,000 souls. Unfortunately, they appear everywhere, particularly on the Thai expat forums. At least on Meebal there were some opposing accurate voices. That would not have happened on Thaivisa or Farangtalk where the posts would have been deleted before publication. You will see many banned members’names on both those forums for failing to toe the “correct” line..

        • meebal

          It wasn’t just Fon who was attacked verbally but as you can see also

          In this profession you have to be able to take it and we advised Fon not to bother reading the comments as we expected many of them to be either ignorant or plan rude – the results were not surprising.

 is able to moderate comments but we don’t. News and articles will always create differing emotions and opinions.

          We’ve been accused of ‘Thai Bashing’ but again the accusations are misdirected for we generally publish what others have experienced.

          We firmly believe in free speech and open dialogue and whist we may sometimes feel a little aggravated it’s now our place to prevent someone from speaking their mind.

          If we did prevent people from such an activity then we would be hypocrites for promoting free speech and then dictating what can be said. Again, not keen on what some people say but they do have a right – even if they are just ‘trolls’ looking for some attention but we suspect our readers are smart enough to be able to spot these bottom feeders.

          I visit ThaiVisa and they are even kind enough to promote some of our articles and I have found there is a reasonable balance of comments (with the ones I’ve viewed) but they do indeed moderate – this I suspect is to avoid any repercussions from the Thai Authorities.

          I’ve not seen Farangtalk so I’ll check that out.

          Cheers Matt

  • Urrrr

    Fon you’ve got balls.

    And white skin and a whiny British accent probably…

    Can there really be this many stupid people suckered in by this trolling nonsense?

  • annica2

    Haha, This is horse shit. So clearly not written by a local person and most likely by the moderator who keeps responding to those who are making decent points on this borderline satirical webpage. Suck it up and move on you old frustrated dudes. There are more than 2 countries in the world.

  • IsaanWoman

    Thank you Meebal for pointing out that the article has been edited. It is rare for a Thai from a poor background whose parents made scraped a living out of their farm can articulate the English language and convey the emotion at the level that is presented here in this article. To Fon….if you are indeed a real person, there is no need to be ashamed of being a Thai. You are first a human being, a citizen of the world. Your race, religion, and your background, to you and to anyone who has recognized this truth, should be “insignificant.” What make us differ from other being is our own conduct. What make you noble or superior to other human being are your actions. It is not because of your wealth, your birth place, or titles in your life. No…there are no excuses for people to take things which do not belong to them. The truth is stealing and conniving aren’t just inherent to the Thai society. In the west, people often steal, using intricate schemes, at the grandest scale. I do believe that the Thai justice system needed to be revamp and modernize to make sure that the victims receive justice. And let me tells you, being a Thai, living in the west, I am not immune from discriminatory, jealousy, and ill will people, either. Everywhere, there are both good and bad people. Don’t be ashamed and apologetic for something you haven’t done. If you want to learn something ask your husband to tell you about how the west in the past 400 years has risen economically to be in the lead. The west has learned from their mistakes and the Asian will do the same. To meebal, thank you for let me post as a guest.

  • red shirt a bangkok

    we dont need many comments, everybody who can read and have eyes can see that thai women are only interested tio lie and cheat in order to marry old foreigners just for money and if Google explain that Thailand is a sex industrand has the highest number of prostitutes in the world… what else do you want to comment?,,,dont tell me about other country,because prostitutions is everywhere, but not in such level and not in so cruel blackmails…
    besides , few exception of foreigners happy, is not the rule, just wait and also exeptions will change their mind.and will belong to the rule
    thyai women dont speak english and foreigners dont speak thai, or both know english and thai in rare case, but not enough to cope with deep discussions and problems, besides thai women even if could speak perfect english, they have no culture about the world, so all is limited to silly words and laugh, so after sex, with a thai women, what else is there? may be a discussion about shakspeare of Kafka or Charles Dickens?…..i speak perfect thai and i can assure o that thai women dont know that the world is round—-
    Fon should have opened the eyes to foreigners who have not not been in Thailand or who has not been under thai fake annestesy smile, you all should be thankfull to her

  • JR

    great article that looks at the problems from more than just one angle. this should be translated to thai so that thai people could read it and ponder it as well

  • annica2

    haha, I wonder what frustrated foreign land owner pretended to be Thai in this article.

    Come on. I believed it up until…..

    “As for land and property ownership the only reason I see why the laws
    cannot be changed is to allow the ongoing process of stripping foreign
    nationals of their assets. It is nothing short of open theft and
    something every Thai national should be thoroughly ashamed of.”

    ..yeah, that bullshit.

  • DB

    I truely feel very sad for you, a very different experience than I have had working and living in Thailand over the past 7 years. I find the Thai people, very friendly and genune. Coming from America, and be proud to be an American, I do understand that America has many problems as well. Violence, immigration issues, education, polarized political situation, but these issues do not make me ashamed to be American. I dont know how much you have travelled in Southeast Asia, but i would not worry too much about Thailands ability to compete. As far as corruption, yes, an issue in Thailand and a very serious issue, just like it is in most countries in Asia and around the world. And finally, I am sure those men duped by Thai women, they are the same men that are duped by people all over the world. Lets not make excuses for them. Thailand is a great country, not perfect, if it gets so bad for you, and you get tired of working to change it, be grateful that you are allowed to leave and find a better place to live.

  • red shirt a bangkok

    let’s us all be honest, thai people have horror to admit anything what they dont agree and this self critic of a thai woman, who honestly, she is describing exactly how thai people and especially thai women are, should make all of you to think deeply and admit that if a thai woman write such admission and describe that well about her people, we must admit that is all true, especially as i said above, comes from a woman whose people of her country prefer be ipocrit and lie, rathar admit evidence, because “not to loose face” comes in first place in Thailand.
    no person from any other country would have admitted what Fon admitted , because behaviour of people of any other country is evident, in good or in worse and not need anybody describe anything…but in case of Thailand where people lie more often then they breath and where they hide all their mistakes and sins, because worried to loose face, but not worried to lie and cheat and be nationalist,…then the comment of Fon should have nobody to doubt of her honesty…finally one honest person in thailand

  • Seahog

    I live in Chiang Rai, and happen to know that huge areas of land have actually been bought up by rich Thai’s from Bangkok and elsewhere. It does seem perverse that rich Thai’s can buy land anywhere else in the world under their own name, however, Farang cannot buy land in Thailand. Most foreigners who marry Thai women merely want a few rai to buy in order to build a house, and have some security in the knowledge they can’t be removed.
    After living here for 8 years I still enjoy my retirement, and have a full life, although I do get frustrated by the system that refuses to acknowledge my rights as a citizen of the world. My wife shares many of the frustrations expressed by Fon, having now travelled extensively around the world herself.

  • Laszlo

    Fon, please try to get your article published in the Bangkok Post (if you haven’t already done so). They may not go for it, but I believe they are progressive enough to do it. It is people like you that help transform the world into a better place.

  • Wolfgang Marquardt

    Thank you Fon,
    I am married to a Thai teacher and we just agree with your statements. As you guess, I am German too and was very careful at the beginning of my stay in Thailand. Then made one mistake after the other not knowing the Thai laws but luckily my wife treats the finances as OUR money, not mine, not hers.
    I am a lucky guy.

  • wowthak

    On behalf of Thai people, we are ashamed to have you as a Thai citizen. You received only 2 selected information resources then wrote this article with bias. Look around and read more news to balance your thought, girl. Wishing you to have other nationality soon.

    • Gianni

      Yes sure, the witness that what she is saying is true…you criticize thailand, you must be ashamed…sure, THAIS ARE THE BEST, but don’t talk about poverty, underdevelopment, WHORES, WOMEN CHASING WESTERNERS, CORRUPTION, and a list of shitty things common only in Thailand…Thais like you should be ashamed, you are the demonstration that local IQ is really low…unfortunately there are not only Thais who believe the bullshit they teach you at school, that’s why on average Cambodians and Burmese, although poor, are much smarter than thais and Thais have the reputation of Asian shit almost everywhere…you get what you deserve after all! Look around and try to say she didn’t write the TRUTH…but then you are thai, which means completely UNABLE TO SEE TRUTH by your own DNA…sorry for you. It’s for people like you that Thailand is the cesspool of Asia!

    • Ploy

      I agree with you, the article has already answered the reason why other forefingers could look down our country, since the Thai people themselves even feel ashamed their own country.

      In my opinion, I’ve been there that situation and Fon is right, it must be really hard and tough for you and your husband while living in Thailand, but everywhere has its law to protect its own country, we can’t say we always get a proper justice when we live abroad as well, no?. Anyway, it’s not such a good feeling to hear those lots making fun of our country but my solution is,
      instead of blaming your government and your country, why don’t you start from yourself? by learning those international manners and stop calling other foreigners as “Farang” if you want to gain respect from them… nobody would be pleased if someone call you as ”yellow” or ”Thai face” as well.. you see.

      You could have so many things to change their perspective about Thailand, although something can’t really be undone (for example, the corruption or prostitution) but we have got a very long history and beautiful culture, our country never been colonized by other countries which we should be extremely proud of.

      I’ve been living in and abroad for many years but I never let people look down my country even my first name which is trickily ended up with ”PORN”. I believe that we are educated enough to defend our country by a wise way, we just have to learn when and how to say it out.I could totally understand Fon’s point of view though and sometimes it’s sad to see or hear how some people think about Thailand that way. There are plenty of other nationalities (female) that do the same thing.. try to catch a rich EU men so they could have a better life and for their own children. I think it’s not fair to judge that Thai people are such a gold digger, when some foreign husbands beating their wives badly.

      However, I disagreed with this social media as well, a decent media should make a better compromise as a conclusion of the article, what I felt it’s like this social media just being grossy, came to say out loud how Thai people are and create the conflict between Thai people,..what is the main purpose of this article??, it’s seriously not cool. Especially, how could we entirely sure that this media doesn’t make this article up themselves although it could base on the stereotype of news. Maybe should have made more research or a poll before post this article, don’t you think?

  • rick

    The words wright out of my mouth.

  • Dangmo

    It is a great article and better yet discussion going on here. Couple of comments. Worried land prices will be too high? Try lowering the absurd tax prices on vehicles, the price you pay for some cars here you could by land and a huge home back in the west. Yet everybody seems to have these cars, BMW, Mercedes,Land rovers.
    Ashamed to be a Thai. I teach part time over 500 students from ages 6 up 19 years old just to give back to the local community and 99.9% of those students did not even know where anything was on the globe with most people suggesting Japan was in Africa?? I would think at 20 yrs old you would know a little about world continents/geography. I am not knocking Thai rather the root of the problem again which is …. well goes without saying.

    • ChayRon

      How about American Universities Students who can’t locate Mexico and Canada.

  • Jasad Basad

    all governments are corrupt to the core

  • Aleksandr Tretiakov

    And now the Europeans are going to cry and feel sorry for Fon.
    It’s funny, really funny.

    Thailand – for Thais. Yes, it speaks Russian, who lived here for many years. Do you like living here? No problem, the laws are known.
    Do not like the laws – a suitcase-station-back home, as they say in Russia.

    • Gianni

      what is that, defending thainess through russianess? hello bimbo!

    • falang-mai-dee

      Are you saying that because russians in Thailand loves Thailand as it is, right? hahahaha That’s why they need their own mafia here, their own russian prostitutes here, their small piece of russia here. Why don’t you drink Lao-Khao on your holidays in Thailand? I think that vodka does not make sense here with this sweet temperature. Why Russians don’t they learn a bit of Thai? Or at least a few words in English, what the hell! hahaha
      Do you live here sharing your time with thais? Or you just enjoy your time with other “tavarich” in your own russian clan? I guess what, I can see them every day.

      • Aleksandr Tretiakov

        Russian mafia only needed to protect biz and peoples from thai gangs :) It’s not a joke, sometimes it’s a best way to resolve some problems.

        And we living in small village, with thais around. And we drink beer and vodka together on holidays.


  • red shirt a bangkok

    Thailand became a sex industry country and women sick for money since usa came and brought prostitution and volgaity

    • OpenEyes

      What a stupid comment – the sex industry in Thailand has existed for more than 150 years. The only changes over that time has been to divide it into Thai/Thai and Thai/Foreign

      • red shirt a bangkok

        thai sex industry exists since the Vietnam war…whenj you are drunk, better dont write and dont say stupid comments to people much superior than youu

      • red shirt a bangkok

        besides the prostitution in Thailand bring 13% of national product ans is a good industry …in other country people go for tourism and for art treasures,,,the only treasures to discover in Thailand is the pussy,,,,i was a guide in Thailand and about buddusmus culture, but thai women only want to show body and not architettures interests

      • red shirt a bangkok

        look at mirror and you will discover that not only your comments are stupid

    • JimmieB

      Nothing like a sweeping generalisation to show one’s true intellect and rational balance mind…

      • red shirt a bangkok

        not need go around reality, thai women only love sex and money and are organised cheaters and liers and prostitution is in first place, like and all women are lazy and hope to find a stupid naive foreigners to cheat and suck…everywhere in the world is prostitution, but Thailand is numner one Absolut….no proud to give sex for money and not only at bars…in each level

        • JimmieB

          It sounds like you crawled out of your home sewer and in to one in Thailand. The Thailand I know is nothing like the fantasy in your mind. I think your frustration comes from being impotent, or that the locals here immediately recognised what a loser you are and all you can do about it is piss in the wind.

  • A Thai Lady w/ Farang Partner

    Every house has a trash can. Why be ashamed of a trash can instead of being proud of the rest? (Maybe it’s a treasure being mistaken as a trash?) In my experience, foreigners earn more for the same position of a Thai person and are generally better treated with much respect in Thailand.

    I have nothing against the laws. Thailand is a free country and it’s not necessary to copy other countries’ laws. Laws are there to keep peace and order and ultimately to protect the interests of the majority if not most or all of the citizens. Want to have the same rights as a Thai person? Become a Thai citizen. Isn’t it the same in Germany? If a foreigner wants the same thing Germany offers to Germans, you have to give up your original citizenship to take up a German one. No dual citizenship allowed.

    In this regard, Thailand is more flexible and tolerable towards dual citizenship. Even though it’s against the law, many of Thai expats carry 2 passports and enjoy all the rights in Thailand as much as elsewhere they chose to become a citizen.

    My 2 cents about foreigners owning land: I used to live in Morocco where foreigners can buy and own land 100% for any purpose except for agricultural area. Many Spanish and British people own houses by the beach. Some of the beach towns are virtually deserted during off season as owners go back to their own countries.

    Another viewpoint from another Thai lady with a Farang partner.

    • Gianni

      “foreigners earn more for the same position of a Thai person”…of course, thais are ignorant like stones, no skills, no proper education, what do you want, earn like westerners? you know there are real schools with real education outside thailand, where they even teach you history and geography and not only singing national anthems?

    • Gianni

      And please stop with bullshit, getting citizenship in Thailand is almost impossible thanks to your ignorant racist laws, getting it in EUROPE is free!!!! it’s granted as long as you are married to a european, you ignorant goat, they don’t check your working permit, bank account and all the bullshit…and NO, you don’t have to give up another citizenship, but you are thai, live in ignorance and sepak…

    • Shannon Green

      You said become a thai citizen – there are 100 slots available every year for foreigners to become a thai citizen. Not exactly an open invitation

  • American Women

    Fon, thank you for your thoughts. We all have some element of shame regarding our home countries. Politics is usually the driving force of most of it. But when people like you share from the heart, as you did, and speak truth…well, it’s just inspiring! Maybe someday in the distant future, you will see your country become what you hope it will. In the meantime, know there are some foreigners living here, who see an awful lot of good in the Thai people, too. Your youth for example, have a deep respect for their elders. Something quite lacking in the American and British youth today. Additionally, although I struggle to understand how some Thai women (and I do understand that it is culturally accepted) are able to endure the heartache that comes when her husband takes a second or third wife…I have also come to see it is not very different from foreigners who have affairs. The one big difference is, from what I have seen, is that the Thai man financially take care of the wives and children (at least in the upper class realm) well, whereas, many foreigners simply skip out on the court-ordered child support not understanding or caring that the children are the ones who suffer. There is much that is good about Thai people…and yes, as in every nation, much to be changed. Maybe you can be a conduit for change here, and once again, be proud of your heritage.

  • Phuket_ภูเก็ต

    I am English, female, married to a Thai, have lived in Phuket 26 years and have Thai nationality now.

    I am treated respectfully by all the Thai people I meet especially once they realise that I have equal respect for them and their customs. Too many tourists / residents make no effort to learn even the simple things about Thai culture (like pointing at things with your feet) and can often insult the locals without even realising it. Thai culture is very different from our western ways and if you want to be treated equally then you really must learn Thai ways. So may residents here don’t even make much of an effort to speak Thai let alone read or write it. Most spend their time in tourist bars and restaurants instead of eating Thai style street-side.

    I do see Fon’s point here and I am not denying that many ‘farang’ guys are being ripped off – but not all. I am not offended by being called a farang incidentally as this is little different from being called a ‘westerner’, European, etc. Thai people use this as an identification word and it is not derogatory in it’s normal use. I use this term everyday in my restaurant to tell my staff which people I am referring too, ie farang, not Chinese, Thai etc it has as much meaning as saying ‘the guy in the blue shirt’.

    My advice is learn the language, eat like a local, and take on the customs. Thailand is a country full of wonderful people so please don’t let the minority destroy that.

    I am proud of my Thai nationality and although the Thai system can be frustrating for westerners I would never wish to be living anywhere else.

    • lexifer

      You are a Thai citizen. I did not know that was possibility??

      • falang-mai-dee

        You’re man. For farang women who want to marry with Thai man they uses different rules. Female farangs do not need to show any amount of money at bank, by example, but their thai husbands will be “punished” for choosing a farang as wife instead of a thai. I’m eleven years here in Thailand, and I can’t to believe that she have been treated as equal. Perhaps it’s some of the conditions to obtain the citizenship, to defend their ununderstandable rules in a “talibanic” maner. There is none so blind as those who don’t wants to see… To obtain the nationality is not impossible, but of course it is not free…

        My wife has been living too in Europe, and now, when we back to Thailand, she can see clearly how much neo-nazi are their behaviors.
        She never had to go from time to time to any neighboring country to “pay” the government her permission to stay a short time. Being married to a European citizen, she received a foreigner national identification card, an ID for foreigners, with which she could travel throughout Europe without a passport. She was incredulous that this could be true, but it was.

        Nor will I say that my wife is finally able to see as clearly as Fon because occasionally comes out and defends with patriotic vein and foaming at the mouth authentic “thainess”.

        Thailand has beautiful landscapes (for now, because as “I am Thai, I destroy it if I want it, because this is my country”), but its citizens, as a whole, are people quite complicated, partly because of the distressing education they receive. If you are coming for a week or two, you will not (probably) realize about it, but if you’re here trying to live with them… they will not let go a day without reminding you’re here as a non grata guest.

    • Bilingual

      Thank you. You have to be in it to understand.

    • red shirt a bangkok

      i agree that if you can speak thai, most people there will respect you, but this does not change that you live in a society where people is sick for money and proprietyes and this is most reason of the why they respect….try to be realistic and look better what happens around and you will realize of the high indecency of how thai women behave in order tro suck money to farangs and if a foreigner want to learn about thai culture, that is impossible to do with thai people around, because they have only interest to know how is your bank konto loaded…thai culture exist only for thei women, when they use it to blackmail foreigners and force them to marry them, just for their economocal interest

      • jj

        You should not be living in a country where you do not like its people. Best advice to you. Go back to your country!

        • meebal

          Ah yes the ‘If you don’t like it go home’ comment. What about constructive change or even acknowledgment to the wider issues so that people of all races can live together.

          Differences can only ever be addressed if we are willing to consider both sides of a debate and then find something that can be built upon for the greater good.

    • red shirt a bangkok

      to find a thai woman who is not after marriage with farang for money and proprietyes is more difficult than see an elephant fly…so dont tell me that there are exceptions, in Thailand a single farangs is sourrounded by women who want to marry him for his money only and i dont think that few women damage the reputation of the counntry, because they are the majority

  • Tonneke Breda

    Fon, you are a real hero in my eyes, for daring to openly speak your mind and the truth.

  • OoogaBooga

    I can think of other reasons to be ashamed, beginning with the horrendous education system and how students are just pushed through the system until they eventually pay for their “university degrees”. THAT is the definition of shameful!

    I am American and I think the law forbidding foreigners to own land is not so bad. I see what WE did to the native Hawaiians (for example) and cringe. I see the same happening in Pattaya, Puket, Hua Hin, etc. Thai land should certainly be for Thai people. HOWEVER, the law should be relaxed to allow foreigners to each own up to 1 rai without having to put up USD $1 million (!) for the privilege. Heck, even collecting an additional (but reasonable) tax on the deed transfer would be palatable.

    As for the women ripping off foreign men…well, that’s life. They should have put more effort into finding the right one for the right reasons and treating them with due respect. I am married 9 years and have been living in Thailand for 13 years. I took the time to learn the language and everything else I needed to know before getting married. Not many do and then cry about it. Som-non-na.

    • AmericanWoman

      I’d be sweeping under our own doorstep Mr. America before sweeping under another nations.

      • red shirt a bangkok

        we write comments about Thailand as to reply to fon….we cannot write comments about all countryes in the world, not in this case

    • red shirt a bangkok

      i was teacher in Thailand and i needed only few months to learn thai….i dont agree with exceptions…the majority of thai women behave like criminals and they plan their crimes in advance, in stealing and chating foreigners…exceptions dont really change the situation

      • Bilingual

        Because they are not educated and people like you come along looking to get laid supporting their bad habits instead of educating them.

        • red shirt a bangkok

          i was very much appreciated and childreen with me could really learn, because i was teaching with love….at the opposite, thai teachesr were often together gossip and eat all time during lessons time and honestly, alo when they were teaching, they did it automatically, without interest to educate and also without ackowledge of their work

        • red shirt a bangkok

          when you drink too much, you should not write what you dont know

        • red shirt a bangkok

          i was in Thailand with my gf, we live together since 22 years, she is from prague tall blond and she is doctor and i did not need to go with thai women who in compare with my gf, they look like bugs

  • Anti-anti

    When will people see how divisive and negative all this generalisation is? Not all foreigners are sex tourists. Not all Thai girls are whores. Not all Thai men are wife beaters. Not all Westerners are disrespectful. Not all Thais hate westerners and just want their money. Everyone is different. The world is full of different people with different mindsets, different dreams, different morals, different psychologies and pathologies. The west has it’s prideful Nationalists and so does the East. I was born in Britain. I don’t consider myself “British” though as it’s too ambiguous of a label. It means absolutely nothing. All it does is encourage stereotypes and generalisation. Obviously British government and civilians do things that I don’t agree with but I would never consider what they do a refection of me or anyone else but the people responsible. If you want to get to know someone. Stop asking about national identity and making lazy assumptions and judgments and actually talk to them about what it’s like to be them as an individual. There are people I like and people I don’t like. I would never use their nationality as a reason to not like them. This is called……………………………… Racism! Sites like this and ThaiVisa seem to encourage it on a day to day basis.

    • meebal

      Sites like this allow people to discuss their differences in an open and respectful manner. You talk about labeling and then go right ahead and stick a label on it.

      Racism is political propaganda that allows those indoctrinating political correctness to keep us quiet.

      • Anti-Anti

        I might have guessed a response like that would come from a moderator here and it further illustrates my view that the articles your team publish have a subtext of racial prejudice. I think your readers will clearly see now what your agenda is. You think that being against racial discrimination is just me being politically correct? Every person who has fought against the oppression and mistreating of a people based purely on race were just indoctrinated sheep? You think that the complete injustices of slavery and genocide were spearheaded by humanitarians who were above politics? Thank you kindly for proving me right,

        I am not against labels and definitions. I am against ambiguous labels and definitions that serve no purpose. What’s the definition of black or Thai? What’s the definition of racism? Describing you as racist would lead many to judge you rightly or wrongly but there is no ambiguity. There is a clear definition of what a racist is in ALL dictionaries (written, I’d imagine by non political organisations). Describing a person as Thai would be rather stupid as there is no definition of Thai! It merely describes your birthplace. I would have an idea of what they might look like (superficially) and what language they speak. But that’s it!

        Why is it that in every country that supports free speech has made the incitement of racial hatred illegal? Every other topic is legal. Even criticism of government???? What do governments have to gain from making public racism illegal??? A step in the direction of equality possibly. An atonement for the disgusting way in which groups of people have been treated by the ignorance of our ancestors perhaps?

        I suppose you think sexism is also political propaganda to keep you from beating your women for not washing up too!

        “Fon” should not be the one with shame in her heart here. You should!

    • Bilingual

      Thank you

    • DirtySanchez

      i think you’re missing the point
      it’s not a generalization to say “afghanistan is less safe than japan”, it’s a fact.
      it’s not a generalization to say that these kind of things happen in thailand – it’s looking at an existing problem. it happens more in thailand than in, say, america. anyone with even half a brain will realize that.
      just like the author fon says – not all thai women are like this, but it IS a problem in thailand today, and not recognizing that is sticking your head in the sand. i agree with the idea that the human race should be intellectually advanced enough to stop viewing the world in terms of race, but we’re obviously not. and in this case we’re caught in a racist system (i.e. thai society and laws), which was highlighted by the author, not only in terms of how non-thais are viewed, but how they are treated by the legal system as well. you say there is no proper definition of thai – wake up, man. people with thai passports are obviously thai, and guess what? if you immigrate to thailand, can you get thai citizenship? can you fuck. if a thai emigrates to a western country, can he/she obtain citizenship from that country? yes, he/she can

      thailand’s system is racist, and that is what the author fon talks about..being overly PC to try and look holy online is just pathetic

      and you being British not meaning anything? you seriously think that?
      so if you compared 100 brits to 100 japanese people, 100 gambians, 100 indians, 100 mexicans, and 100 tongans, you’re saying they’re all the same in terms of personalities, opinions, views, values, level of education, material wealth etc? you make me laugh
      i bet you’ve never watched football or gone to the pub, eh

  • Darius

    This women just made my day !!! I’m nothing just full of respect for her and I only can wish that at least 50% of Thais were so wise as she is…

    • Gianni

      10% would be enough for me ;)

  • FFS

    FFS the fact anyone believes this was written by a Thai makes me cringe

    • meebal

      And your reasoning is? Have you ever thought that some people want change and the only way to effect this is to speak out? Don’t be so cynical some people work tireless for the sake of others without any form of reward.

      You should be grateful.

      • jack

        She is undoubtedly the most English-literate person I have read in the past 15 years in Thailand.

        Even more impressive when you consider she was married to a non-English (as a first language) German.

        Sorry – while the sentiments expressed may have some value, they were not written by a “reasonably well educated but come from a very poor background” Thai.

        • meebal

          The opening statement clearly states that the article was edited in order to provide clarity; this was due to the English language barriers.

          • carefactor

            Hence the value of this article is the square root of SFA. You’ve taken “sometimes I am ashamed of my country” – something every person on this planet should feel at some stage most certainly including Thais – and turned it into YOUR personal wishful-thinking agenda.

      • FFS

        My reasoning is occam’s razor and an IQ higher than a mealworm Fon. I mean meebal… You’re crap at this, and the number of sad wishful-thinking plebs suckered by this BS really does make me cringe. By the way, the only people who give a toss about the use of the word farang come from the shallowest end of the gene pool. Manufactured controversy of the most pitiful (and hypocritical!) kind. Grow up.

  • Bilingual

    So your saying your ashamed of yourself. You can change your citizenship but your DNA will always be a Thai. That is your heritage. Every country has problems. Foreigners here in Hua Hin, Thailand come here and flash their money which is the result of prostitution, child pornography, corruption for convenience, to buy friends etc., They tend to choose bar girls because bar girls are not educated enough and can become their slaves easily. They prey on victims that cannot afford education and children that are sold by their parents. It goes both ways. By the way, I don’t think a foreigner should ever be allowed to own land in Thailand. Can you imagine how much worst Thailand would become. This is why China didn’t want any outsiders.

    • Eve Kakanang Chirdkiatisak Ved

      Well ofcourse, China is a communist.

      • meebal

        China is not the same place it was 20 years ago; look how the perceptions of capitalism have changed. Change is very gradual and can only come about if people want change.

    • Gianni

      Foreigners choose prostitution because Thailand as a lot to offer in terms of prostitution, child pornography and so on…you cater to Thais before foreigners…that’s your choice and the rotten image Thailand has depends on Thais, not on foreigners…

    • เจย์ เจมส์

      What exactly is Thai? It’s only a nationality actually. It has nothing to do with DNA. Truth be known.. many Thais have Khmer blood, as well as Chinese blood.. Lao, Mon, etc. So to say something is or isn’t “Thai” (culturally) is a little bit silly, because there is no single culture in Thailand. There are many. In fact, nearly all of modern-day Thailand was once part of the Khmer Empire. Open your eyes a little bit please.

      • Bilingual

        So if someone asks you เปนคนอะไร what do you say? Just curious.

    • Shannon Green

      Any chance you are aware that most of the prostitution customers are actually Thai? Prostitution is a very common (every town), very old tradition here in Thailand. It did not “appear” when foreigners started coming to Thailand. Foreigners are still in the minority in terms of prostitution customers

    • JimmieB

      China does not want foreigners? Let me tell you a story comparing China and Thailand.

      Two young Europeans arrive in Thailand around the same time I do, 1991. One starts a company that grows well and by 2000 employs around 100 people. The young man and his wife own it together, pay their taxes and deliver a service that is popular and beneficial to Bangkokians. He has to get an annual visa and work permit and there is no real option or incentive for him to change that.

      His buddy leaves Thailand for China after a few years here. He starts a company and it too grows, but employs just a dozen people. After 4 or 5 years of paying taxes and investing in the local economy like his mate here in Bangkok, he gets a visit from the immigration office. The official’s comments go something like ‘you have been here legally for a while. you employ a number of locals and teach them some new skills which we think is a great thing. we know that the annual procedure for work permit and visa is frustrating, so we have selected you for permanent residence and i have the paper work (completed) here. if you sign, I’ll call you when you are needed for an interview.’

      I don’t know if he is allowed to own land, or if his company is, but that is a far cry from China not wanting foreigners. China wants experts (not English teachers by the bus load) and respects their contribution to their economy. They certainly did rip off large western companies in years past, but it seems that times have changed…

  • คลิฟ

    Thank you Fon! Yes, all the points you made are very sensible! Most Thais don’t seem to be ready to accept and join the “Family-of-Man” that exists outside of Thailand. They seem to prefer the limitation of “Thainess” to explain the wholesale robbery. trickery and extortion of unsuspecting folks from a different country. Thank you for restoring my faith in the good, real, “jai-dee” Thai people that at least make an attempt to treat foreigners like human beings. :)

  • PIM

    I agree about what you wrote FON , as I’m thai woman and has dutch husband. I totally understand what you mean because many times they asked me about this situation too BUT I NEVER feel ashamed to be THAI.. How can we ashamed to be THAI ?!? this problem couldn’t cause only by Thai wife site, take a look back to from husband too .. if you are too old and fat and wanna have some young and pretty Thai wife ???? this problem is the same as many countries too, Have you out of Thailand sometimes FON ? or only stay in THAILAND ?
    about buy the LAND .. you should study about LAW more , we have important reason behind that to protect our land and country for our next generation .. ARE you sure you are THAI FON ?

    • PIM

      I didn’t mean to mean or rude but I just don’t understand what she want to tell people here and I hope she know what she wrote ..

      • meebal

        I didn’t think you were being rude and though it was great that you, as a Thai national, took an interest.

        This is a great way to learn about the differences in people and cultures and the only way to learn is by talking openly without hostility. Your comment was actually very good and certainly added to the article.

        :) Don’t feel bad, we are delighted you posted a comment and you have a democratic right to be heard. Really glad you had your say :)

      • Shannon Green

        It could be that she wanted her fellow country people to wake up and see the truth, to be honest, I see people like Fon as being more proud of Thailand then mangy ? Why? Because she is willing to ask for change, to demand better from her politicians, to ask for civility and courtesy, to ask for common human decency in Thailand. I do not see why she should be ashamed of what Thailand to be better. It is VERY well know across the world, that until you face your problems honestly, you cannot fix them. And pretending that Thailand does not have problems (over and ABOVE other countries) is being pig headed and stubborn. Telling people here could be the beginning of a habit, a habit to be honest and face the truth and the situation.

    • meebal

      Hi Pim

      Fon has asked us (it’s not her real name) to remain anonymous but has asked us to reply to any direct questions.

      Yes, Fon is Thai. Her husband is German. Fon has spent a great deal of time in Germany as she and her husband also own a home there.

      As Fon pointed out there are reasons that the Thai Government don’t want foreigners buying land as they have the ability to push land prices up; as is the case with Phuket, etc. However she feels that the system should be a little fairer considering she and any other Thai is able to own land in her husbands country without a problem.

      Fon is not a lawyer.

      As the editor I know very little about Thailand, we are UK based but the situation is rather strange. I did some reading and Thaskin Shinawatra owns a very nice home in my home city of London. He owns it outright so it might appear to some of my British readers that Thailand is not acting on a level playing field.

      Of course a country needs to protect land and especially land prices for the next generation but invariably as foreign investment seeps into a country that country’s wealth also increases. It is of course a delicate balancing act.

      • PiM

        Thank you for reply. I accept in every opinion and that’s my opinion too.
        I’m apologize if my comment are too aggressive for her because we feel this is too much but hope you guys accepeted my opinion too
        Many of my friends just read it and we just really make sure She know what was she wrote.

        I know she is not a lawyer

        I just feel disappointed and sad that she feel ashamed to be THAI …
        Every time when I’ve asked those question, I’m totally appreciate to answer and explain them to understand THAI and my country. Even bad with this situation in Thailand but I never feel ashamed .. this is only my point here
        Kindly Thank you

        • meebal

          Hi Pim
          No you have a right to be heard and again I’m really happy to see your comments.

          I’m British and I can tell you I’ve written many articles that make me feel ashamed to be British. The issue here is really being able to look at the problems from both sides. When you develop that level of appreciation then things can change.

          I really think things could be better in all countries if we just took the time to talk more.

      • Eve Kakanang Chirdkiatisak Ved

        I totally agree with editor. I think the land issue is more self-interest than anything else. We have it much easier in foreign land being a foreigner than vice versa. I am Thai and have been in the UK with a French husband for six years and I am very grateful for how civilised, lawful and fair British government is to immigrants like us. YOu just have to go out of Thailand and live in other country as a foreigner in order for you to realised how unfair and xenophobic Thai people/goverment are. Thai laws are backward and self-serving. And that is why are not yet “civilised”. But we’re trying.

        Fon is very brave to come out and said she is ashamed. For Thai people, it is almost as an offense, as Pim pointed, not to be proud to be Thai. But to be honest, we have a lot of things to be proud of and even greater things not to be proud of as Fon as pointed out. It is only natural to feel unrpround of being Thai sometimes and one shouldn’t be made to feel guilty if one doesn’t. It is only reasonable and we’re only human.

        Fon hits the nail in the head in a lot of point and I salute her of her open-mindedness, thoughfulness and bravery to say things as they are, which is a rare quality of a Thai person.

        • meebal

          The rule of law in the UK is much different. Remember that Thailand is a developing country and issues such as these do take time to change.

          I’m really happy you like living in my country and that you find it easy to do so.

          I don’t really know Thailand as I’ve not been but I’m sure they are civilized; but rather have a different approach.

          One of the reasons Fon wanted to stay anonymous was because her comments could be deemed as offensive to Thais; we understand that the law was recently changed so that clicking a Facebook like where the items criticizes Thailand is deemed an illegal act… I thought Thailand was a democratic country so I’m not sure of the motive other than trying to suppress the truth; but that’s another issue.

          As you can see we’ve had a few Thai ladies make a comment so I don’t think Fon is alone in her bravery and it is wonderful that you have added something very useful to this debate.

          • Eve Kakanang Chirdkiatisak Ved

            Yes Thailand is a democratic country but it is more like a democratic-in-making since everybody knows that corruption is rife and the law can be circumvented by money. Thailand is civilised on the surface but deep down, we are still very discriminating. I am saying UK is more civilised compared to Thailand is because philisophy behind the law makes everyone equal, no matter where they come from, given you’re a good citizen and contribute to the society. UK law by principle has this ability to look “beyond” the facade of people and treat everyone just like they should be treated – fellow human being. And you can only do that when you’re genuinly “civilised”. It is not a clan-based law where if you’re an outsider, you’ll forever be an outsider no matter how good you’re an a contributer, which is the case in Thailand. I personally think Thai law should treat foreigners who in Thailand more with just and dignity, as if they’re fellow human being, not farangs.

          • เจย์ เจมส์

            I agree with Eve… And to be honest, wealthy class Thais have historically and still continue to orchestrate laws for their own self-interests via nepotism or corruption (or both). It’s not “farang” who Thai need worry about buying up all the land. In fact, if it were “farang” who owned land here, there wouldn’t be a bubble and you wouldn’t see people paying 10,000 baht for a tiny apartment. In the US, if a bill in congress were proposed which stated that non-U.S. citizens could not buy land, you would see massive demonstrations in every major city. The law wouldn’t have a chance at being passed. The same goes for law related to employment. If the person has a work permit, they have the right to work in any job they wish. In Thailand, no way. In fact, let’s look at one example. Indian-Thais (คนไทยเชื้อสายอินเดีย / ซิก) are probably the 2nd or 3rd most common minority group in Thailand – the most common are Chinese-Thais. Now, think about this… how many Indian-Thais (or Sikh) do you see as members of parliament? 0 … But how many are ethnically Chinese? I see no minority groups in leadership positions in Thailand with the exception of Chinese-Thais.

        • Tonneke Breda

          Well spoken

        • jj

          Everyone has their own ways of reasoning what´s is right. The UK choses to make everything fair for everyone but at the end of the day if that is a benefit as the society as a whole…? Every system has their own values and for my opinion there is no one perfect rules.

          Thailand choses to be more cautious when it comes to immigration and land owning. We are open for tourists and visitors. But if someone wants to live in Thailand they should have a great reason. If that is wrong.

          And yes, I totally agree that all foreigners who are married to Thai citizens should be able to get permanent residency.

    • Darius

      And the reason to protect your land is… ?

      • meebal

        As one of the others pointed out; to protect future generations in being able to afford the land.

        • Darius

          well… I don’t get it but maybe this is some kind of Thai way of thinking… all I know is that current situation just grow corruption and makes people to go around rules… which never is good for country… so maybe they should decide if they want to protect Thailand or just make more “tea money”…

          • meebal

            Yes it’s how the Thais perceive things to be, it’s a cultural issue.

            Corruption is another issue altogether and Thailand is certainly not unique in being known for its corruption practices.

          • JimmieB

            That perception is driven by Thai-Chinese who own the majority of the wealth and commerce, and control from both in front and behind closed doors. What they don’t want is foreigners being able to compete for resources that in their view are only for them to exploit.

            The poor in Thailand that can’t afford land would have no less purchasing power if legitimate foreigners based here had rights to acquire land. The foreign card is a smokescreen to allow local money to continue to exploit resources without additional competition.

    • Tonneke Breda

      As a Dutch man, I am ashamed that you have a Dutch husband as well, there is no good reason for the land law.
      If you are so short minded, you should not be able to get married with a foreigner as well, because what nonsense law decide that a married couple should not own land

      • Pim

        Lucky that my husband is not like you

        • Gianni

          Lucky that like every average thai you chased farang after being rejected by thai society and now you complain about that…that’s something to be shamed of…thai women survive on average thanks to obese fatty slimy westerners and then you dare complain about their habits? Don’t spit where you eat, oner day you could go back to the paddy fields and discover the real thainess!

    • Gianni

      How can you be ashamed of being Thai? well, do I need to list all the reasons?
      “Or only stay in Thailand”? As a matter of fact, the only people you can meet in Thailand who only stay in Thailand and are so narrow minded to think they have no reason to be ashamed are THAIS, think of that…
      “Have you out of Thailand”?
      What is that, a joke? As soon as you get out of Thailand you will realize how rotten Thai society is, of course, unless you are a Thai=blind and unable to accept criticism. That’s why Thais don’t like this article…you are simply unable to admit you have so many reasons to be ashamed of! You prefer to stay in Thailand because as soon as you go to another place you suddenyl become nothing… and are labelled as whores and scammer. Guess why!

    • Bobby

      You jolly well should be ashamed of being Thai, Pim. If you have travelled overseas at all, you would realize the awful reputation that Thailand has internationally. Thailand is a true backwater, a 3rd world country in all respects except the ‘modern’ buildings that one sees in the large towns. Of course, it is not your fault, you have no doubt been educated in Thailand and have therefore been subject to the racist and xenophobic indoctrination that is all pervasive in your schools. I have lived in Thailand and have an already very successful 18 year old daughter. I look to her as the future of the country and hope she is able to open eyes such as yours to the reality of your countries present situation. Thailand has many good points but needs to open its eyes more to know how the rest of the world perceives it as being and to temper its ‘thainess’ which is so often laughable.

      Rant over…….

    • shout

      ahahh..unbelievable…only a Thai can be so sciovinist and arrogant to think it is impossible that a national is ashamed to be Thai..even when there are a lot of good reasons… to feel shame for Thailand is not admitted…and if u do u for sure are not Thai…… what an attitude !!…only people in the world…

    • red shirt a bangkok

      foreigners men old and fat should not need to marry a thai whore, they can find a normal caregiver and not need to marry to the interest of thai wife only

    • red shirt a bangkok

      a pretty wife should refuse an old sick fat man, she should look around and chhose younger healthy man…but thai women over 50 dont look good at all, i have never seen a good looking thai woman over 50…sometime even over 40

    • Gianni

      yeah, you are thai, keep living as if all the shit in Thailand were the same every where else…but there is only 1 country well known for prostitution, easy women and scams, and it’s thailand…obiously they don’t teach you that between indoctrination and brain-washing classes….there is no other country with desperate women cheating and desperate for marrying foreigners like thailand, NO, IT’S NOT LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE, even if thais like to think it….you don’t see women in Europe working in gogo bars waiting to meet the foreigner to marry! THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY AND YOUR SHIT, NOW DON’T BLAME OTHERS AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY; even if it’s impossible for a thai!

      • k

        Most foreigners who come to look for love in Thailand are those who are not even looked at when they are walking on the streets because of their unattractive physically appearances.

        And then they come to those bars and clubs in Thailand and where love is business. Well, if you´re naive to think that this is real then blame everyone else but yourself.

    • TheKingIsDeadLongLiveTheKing

      “how can we ashamed to be thai”?
      uh, did you read the article? hello?
      maybe if you would actually try and see even just a little bit of the rest of the world you would understand. or maybe not, since you’ve been indoctrinated by nationalist bullshit propaganda your entire life, got no education worth speaking of, and not enough intelligence, interest or openness of mind to try and challenge your opinions.
      what exactly are you proud of? the thai inventions? the famous authors? painters? scientists? nobel-price winners? oh, right, there isn’t a single one in any of those categories
      well, there are a lot of thai daughters on sale. i guess you could be proud of being a good thai parent – encouraging your daughters to sell themselves, like many thai parents do. think this is a lie? try to study a little bit. it’s not that hard
      time to wake up, Pim

    • Ceasar27

      What twaddle Kn Pim. Thailand allowed foreigners to own land which was restricted by the 1954 Act to 1 rai for residential plus a slew of other reasons foreigners could hold land – the reason for that act as to prevent people from Cambodia and Vietnam from buying up land seeking to escape from the upcoming Vietnam conflict. It was later changed again to protect further but actually the protection was for the benefit and protection of Chinese-Thai population who had usurped the Thai people and effectively colonised Thailand. Thais are proud of their non-colonisation yet allowed the Chinese to do so surreptitiously – a fact that obviously still eludes the most educated of Thais because it is a) unpalatable and b) not taught.

      If you take a second to look maybe you will see that most big business, indeed most business in Thailand is run by the Chinese-Thai people and politics is now dominated by them. Not colonised huh? Ha ha.

      Laws are made and repealed so what is your point anyway. Do you think people, even those with families and trying to bring them up with some security and sense of home should be denied that which Thais can freely avail themselves of in most of the civilised world?

      Sometimes people are so blinkered. The Thai land laws affecting foreigners like the Thai people are self-serving – whilst taking everything that is given to Thais elsewhere in the world, they give back – nothing! But I have learnt to understand the Thai way now.

  • bazza

    very well explained fon,you are right in everything you say.
    if forieners especially those married to thai nationals,were given a better deal by the thai government then maybe the western world would be more tolerent in their thinking about thailand.
    i support you fully.

    • meebal

      Thanks for the comment. After what Fon had to say, and of course others, I think that if a few minor changes were made it could make all the difference in creating much more harmony between the Thais and foreign nationals.

      Life is about give and take and it certainly would be nice if a little more all round consideration was given.

      Thanks for your kind comment Barry. Cheers

  • Surin Aussie

    Thank you Fon.I love Thailand and the people of Surin where i am happily married to a wonderful woman and her two children
    If only Thai immigration would allow us to stay here without the scrutiny of our assets every year.
    I would feel i belong!!

    • meebal

      Isn’t it wonderful to know that some people care enough about others and it clearly demonstrates, along with your comment, that Thailand has a much brighter side.

      Change will come but only when enough people demand it.

      • red shirt a bangkok

        thai women the only bright they have is when open legs bright

        • Bilingual

          I am a teacher, hearing this from a teacher is quite disappointing.

          • red shirt a bangkok

            disappointing, but very realistic, i can meet you and show you and prove it to you…dont be afraid to loose face…….

          • red shirt a bangkok

            if you are a thai teacher, you are like all thai people, first problem, is not to admit reality, but hide from reality and dont loose face

    • red shirt a bangkok

      wanderful woman hahaha….wait…………and see……