Muslim Demonstrations in London Incites Violence

Muslim Demonstrations in London Incites Violence

MUSLIM DEMONSTRATIONS IN LONDON INCITES VIOLENCE – Before you get out of your pram and label me a racist I would like to make it perfectly clear that not only do I have a number of friends who are Muslims but also, after reading this, they fully agree with what I have written.

Now I am sure, even regarding my statement above, there are those Muslims out there that would disagree with this article and that my tone is racist, but considering the scenes below ask yourself… “Are these not the acts of racists?”  “Do these not advocate ethnic cleansing?”  If the imagine below does not give a resounding YES to both of these questions then all I can say is that we live in a world so disturbed that there is little hope for mankind.

Muslims demonstrate in London calling for the slaying of non-Muslims.

Muslims demonstrate in London calling for the slaying of non-Muslims.

According to the images above and below these so-called peaceful religious people are calling for the slaying of non-Muslims right in the heart of London, in a country that is Christian.  For me this shows two things:

1. That these people have no respect for the people of the United Kingdom and;

2. That these people have no moral fortitude regarding the sanctity of human life.

Picture clearly showing that some Muslims believe that anyone insulting Islam should die.

The pictures clearly showing that some Muslims believe that anyone insulting Islam should die. I wonder how far we would get if we held such protests in their country and incited the slaughter of Muslims.

Do you really think that a Muslim country would tolerate or even allow us to hold such a demonstration?  I would say most unlikely, if fact if such a demonstration were to be held it is unlikely there would be any surviving members of such a demonstration.

Note how this brave individual won’t even show his face – if you have something to say then your democratic right to freedom of speech should be upheld, it’s the reason these types of demonstrations are allowed, but why hide your face?  Are Muslims such cowards that they refuse to put a face to their comments?

What is really disturbing here is that this recent demonstration was labeled by the Muslims as “Religion of Peace Demonstration“; maybe I am missing something but I fail to see a peaceful message here.  What I do see however is racial hatred and an agenda for ethnic cleansing of Christians and all other religions that do not follow the Muslim faith.


Muslim demonstration banners saying Europe is a Cancer and that Islam is the Cure.

Muslim demonstration banners saying Europe is a Cancer and that Islam is the Cure.

We all have beliefs and most of us, in a Western society, have learned to tolerate those with different points of view, and so we should.  We cannot bleat on about freedoms of expression and freedom of speech if  with are unwilling to listen to the views of others.

I personally, and I am sure many of you are the same, do not have a problem with people taking to the streets to air their views BUT should we, as a civilized society, really have to tolerate the incitement of racism and genocide?

Islam will Dominate the World - that's what this placard says... Didn't Hitler say the same thing?

Islam Will Dominate the World – that’s what this placard says… Didn’t Hitler say the same thing?

So, Islam will dominate the world… According to the placard.  Well didn’t Hitler say the same thing?  There were many lessons learned from the Second World War with the extermination of so many Jews.  We learned that everyone has a right to life, liberty and freedom that is free from fear or oppression.  So I have to ask … “Is this placard NOT an incitement to racial hatred and the call for genocide?”

Why can’t these, and other Muslim with the same views, simply appreciate a few simple facts:

1.  The UK and most of Europe is predominantly Christian.

2. No Western Country is binding you in chains.  We do not prevent you from leaving these shores.

3. We do NOT restrict your freedom of speech.

4. We do NOT enforce our religious beliefs upon you.

5. We do NOT call for the extermination of your race.

If things in the UK and Europe are so unacceptable to your religious beliefs and you feel like you do not fit in due to the massive cultural divide then why not simply leave and live in a Muslim Country where life is more attune to your beliefs and lifestyle? – no one is going to prevent you from making a lifestyle decision that would make you at peace with yourself and where you don’t have to concern yourself with how we choose to live our lives and what we choose to believe in.


Muslim placard telling Europe to learn the lessons from 9/11.

Muslim placard telling Europe to learn the lessons from 9/11.

From the image above the Muslims are perfectly correct, we do need to take some lessons from 9/11.  In fact if you think about it carefully the western world did learn a number of valuable lessons, including:

1. We learned NOT to trust a Muslim – The sad thing about this is that we know deep down inside that not all Muslims are terrorists but nevertheless most western people, if they were openly honest, have a deep distrust of Muslims.  When a race of people is willing to inflict harm on innocent people, as with 9/11, how do Muslims expect us to trust them and respect a religion that they say is peaceful and then calls for the death of all non-believers in the Prophet Mohammed.

2. We have learned extreme tolerance – Look at the scenes after 9/11 in the U.S.A.  There were many Muslims that feared for their live through vigilante repercussions and yet the Christian neighbors were often the ones taking these Muslims into their homes in order to protect them from the mobs.

Muslim demonstrators with a placard warning us to prepare for the real holocaust.

Here we have Muslim demonstrators with a placards warning us to prepare for the real holocaust. Ask yourself this… “How many demonstrations on the streets across the western world did you see calling for the slaughter of Muslims after 9/11?”

I’m not saying people were not talking about it what I am asking is how many placards did you see?  Not many!  In fact, testament to the Christian belief, point 1 above was more of the case.

In the final picture we see a person with only their eyes visible with a placard telling the western world to prepare for the real holocaust. This type of racial hatred should and must be stopped at all costs.

These Muslims cannot be true believers in the Koran as my Muslim friends tell me… Nowhere in the Koran does it incite violence against others.  Nowhere in the Koran does it state that people should be slaughtered in the name of God. In fact the Koran promotes tolerance and the love of your fellow man, regardless to race, creed, color or religious beliefs.

Finally, why do we tolerate this type of behavior?  Why do we allow these terrorist, and make no mistake that is exactly what they are, to openly promote racial hatred and discrimination and even advocate and incite violence against us?

The truth is we have the Human Rights Act to blame for this and of course a bunch of politicians that continuously fail to protect our rights, because I guarantee you if we were to undertake a similar demonstration all hell would break lose and most of us would end up in jail for inciting violence and racial hatred.

Of course most of us wouldn’t want to participate in anything so ugly as to call for the exterminate another race.  Cut any human, regardless of color, creed or religious belief, and he or she will bleed red.  We are all the same, flesh and bone, we all have children, we all have aspirations and most of us would like nothing more than for the world to be free of this type of fear and oppression.

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